What Is A Reverse Osmosis System?


Reverse osmosis is one of the best ways to get your family the cleanest water possible. Whether you’re concerned about debris or contaminants in your water, or you’re just after the purest water you can get, a reverse osmosis system is the best solution. Here’s a quick breakdown of what a reverse osmosis system is and some of the benefits it’ll bring to your Surprise, AZ, home.

How It Works

A reverse osmosis or RO system works by using the water pressure in your home to push the water through the RO membrane. The membrane is semi-permeable, meaning only the water gets through and any inorganic substances are left behind. A pre-filter is used to ensure no damaging debris gets through to the RO membrane.

The water then moves through the RO membrane, which removes most if not all impurities. Then, a post-filter completes the job and removes any taste or smells that may have been left behind. What you get after the process is crisp, pure water that tastes and smells exactly how water should, with no harmful substances left inside.

Improved Taste

You’ll notice an immediate improvement in the taste of your water after it goes through a reverse osmosis system. Since the water has been completely purified, it’s entirely safe to drink directly from the tap. Many families completely rely on their RO system and phase out buying gallons or bottles of water, which helps reduce the cost of living.

Minimal RO Upkeep

Unlike some other water purification systems, there are very few parts in a reverse osmosis system, making upkeep easy and cheap. Due to its innovative design, there are only three components that require homeowner attention: the pre-filter, post-filter, and the RO membrane.

The pre-filters need to be changed every 6 to 12 months, the post-filter once a year, and the RO membrane every two to three years. These parts are low cost and maintenance is a snap.

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