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Top 8 Reasons Arizonans Use Portable Air Conditioners

Now that the slow rise of Phoenix temperatures have begun, many of us are preparing to stay cool over the next few months. Whether you plan on sporting a new summer wardrobe, testing out a new pool or turning up a new AC system, we can all agree that beating the heat is very real in the Valley of the Sun.

Everybody Wants a Good Place to Cool Off

Although the concept of cooling off is rather popular, keeping things cold indoors is a totally different story. In fact, some would say it’s far more imperative. It’s why a number of local residents spend quite a bit of time and money weatherproofing their homes and working environments. 

When you own a high quality air conditioner, maintaining it is essential. At the same time, not everyone can afford these types of luxuries. In turn, many are forced to find other ways to chill out during a 125-degree day.

Using Portable, Stand Up Air Conditioners:

While window units and sprinklers are often used in place of upgraded AC systems and pools, portable air conditioners also come in handy. Millions of people buy them for a number of reasons. Either way, they aren’t exactly an effective way to cool a large space. Using them as a complimentary cooling option is ideal.

With that being said, we thought we’d talk about some of the best ways to utilize the personal air conditioning technology. After publishing a plethora of educational blogs on HVAC services and systems, shaking things up a bit seemed like a good idea.

1. Cooling a Detached Working Space

Over the past year or so, millions of people have learned what it’s like to work from home for the first time. Initially, this may have been appealing. But over time, most of us discovered just how challenging it can be – especially those with children. As a result, detached or secluded work spaces grew in demand.

Whether people found a closet to work in, closed off a portion of the attic, or erected a small shed in the backyard; keeping it cool was more than likely a challenge. Unless they had the means to run central air ducts into the space, additional cooling was probably eventually desired.

Even if a commute-less job saved them some money, why would they spend it on permanent modifications? A simple trip to Walmart, Lowes or the Home Depot to look at portable air conditioners is an easy fix.

2. Construction or Renovation Projects

Before the pandemic even began, there were plenty of occupations that required portable cooling. The construction industry, for example, has long used stand alone air conditioners to keep their job sites somewhat cool. From plumbing repairs, to room additions or new construction, additional cooling is almost always used.

An open window or a small hole in the wall of a building can easily bring indoor temperatures to uncomfortable levels. Although a majority of the equipment they use is far more superior than portable air conditioners for the closet, they still serve the same purpose. The slightest of cold breezes can make a huge difference in this industry.

3. Pet Spaces or Outdoor Dog Houses

For the most part, pets of Arizonans typically learn to live indoors during the summer. While certain livestock and other farm animals can withstand intense temperatures in the shade, cats and dogs tend to require improved hospitality. For this reason, many pet owners utilized portable air conditioners to ensure they don’t overheat.

If you prefer your pet stays outdoors, installing a stand up air conditioner in the doghouse or bard is a great solution. Even animals that are kept in the laundry room or closets during specific times of the day need proper air flow. Just like an enclosed office space, it can get quite stuffy during the hottest days of the year. 

4. The Perks of Keeping the Garage Cool

Whether you’ve lived in Arizona most of your life or only a few years, we can all agree that any type of shade can make a tremendous difference. For instance, many households utilize the garage for more than just parking their vehicles. 

If the back yard or patio is too hot to handle, a partially enclosed space can be extremely valuable for summer card games, neighborhood hangouts, family gatherings or a play area for the kids. When a few portable air conditioners are involved, a great time can be had in the garage.

5. Treehouses or Kid’s Playhouses

Some parents prefer that their kids stay indoors during hot days – some don’t. Others simply build their kids a tree or clubhouse with portable air conditioners to make sure they stay out of the house during summer break. For many, keeping them active, hydrated and out of the sun’s rays is usually well worth the investment.

6. Summer Camping Trips Can Be Hot

Another major reason Arizonans purchase stand up air conditioners is to keep themselves cool during summer camping trips. Although a majority of the local population looks to escape the desert in July and August (before school starts back up), many enjoy trips to Flagstaff, Williams or east of the Tonto Valley. 

Unlike the Phoenix area, the nights are a lot cooler and more enjoyable. At the same time, the days can still be rather uncomfortable. Because of this, many campers have been known to load up a few portable air conditioners and a generator in case the heat becomes a little overbearing. 

7. Home Air Conditioning Failures

When a central air conditioning system unexpectedly goes out, most homeowners will go out and buy a few portable air conditioners as a temporary solution. This is because they don’t expect the system to be down for long. The problem is, not every system is worth repairing. If a replacement is imminent, stand alone cooling may not suffice. 

When you don’t have a contingency in place, missteps can be costly. It’s almost always best to just get a hotel room until you’re able to determine what your next steps will be. Buying more portable units to overcome high temperatures can be disheartening. 

8. Additional Cooling Throughout the Property

Aside from the aforementioned uses, portable air conditioners are often utilized to add further cooling. For example, some people like it when their bedroom is a lot colder than other areas of the house. Arizona rooms (or sun rooms) are also a popular place for additional cooling fans.

Since many two-story homes in Phoenix come with large lofts or open spaces at the top of the stairs, there is a lot of air to cool – especially if the home isn’t thoroughly equipped with ceiling fans. Purchasing and plugging in stand alone AC units in the corner of these spaces can really add some balance to the overall environment.

Always Speak to A Professional About Your Cooling Needs

When there are hot pockets in your property, your central air system has a tendency to work harder. This makes the overall process less efficient. Adding small touches like portable air conditioners can enhance your efforts and lengthen the lifespan of your equipment. 

At the end of the day, not every cooling method is an effective solution. Knowing what to look for and how to address your needs or problems can go a long way. We know it gets hot in Arizona. So if there’s any way we can help, we’re only a phone call away.