We are taking precautions to protect our customers and employees against COVID-19

We are taking precautions to protect our customers and employees against COVID-19

Can an AC Refrigerant Leaks in Phoenix, Arizona Increase Cooling Expenses?

AC Refrigerant Leak

AC systems get refrigerant leaks in Phoenix, Arizona for a variety of reasons. Knowing the exact cause helps correctly fix the problem the first time around. Experiencing air conditioning issues during the summer months is probably one of the biggest concerns for homeowners. Especially those with families or small children that can be more susceptible to heat induced illnesses.

If you live in West Phoenix (like Sun City where we’re located) and your AC system is experiencing a refrigerant leak, use this guide to help you assess the problem. But before you move forward with any type of AC problem, remember that using a professional Arizona technician will help you avoid addition issues down the road.

How Does a Refrigerant Leak Impact Cooling Efficiency?

The refrigerant plays a vital role in the AC’s cooling process. It is especially important in hot and dry climates like Phoenix, Arizona. It absorbs heat inside of the home and expels it outside. When the refrigerant level is low or depleted, the AC works harder to cool your home.

As a result, you may find yourself tempted to adjust the thermostat to a lower temperature. All this does, however, is cause the AC to work that much harder to cool your home. The harder the AC works, the more energy it consumes. This decreases energy efficiency and increases cooling bills.

Signs of a Refrigerant Leak in Phoenix, Arizona.

Any time you notice warm air blowing from the air vents, it could mean the AC has a refrigerant leak. This can be especially noticeable in Arizona because homes constantly need a cold air flow to combat the intensity of the sun. After realizing the AC isn’t working, most assume the AC unit is broken. Because of this, many home and business owners allow themselves to be sold on a new ac unit installation.

Unfortunately, not every home service company looks to benefit the customer. Instead of fixing the issue with affordability in mind, they go after the big sale. After being in business for over 30 years now, we’ll be the first to tell you this isn’t how you build a quality reputation. With that being said, you don’t always need a technician’s advice to diagnose a problem.

Outdoor air conditioning system heat pump undergoing maintenance inspection by canyon state in phoenix az

Locating a AC Refrigeration Leak.

There is a way you can confirm there actually is cold air leaking from the refrigerant. This type of cooling leak often causes a hissing noise as the refrigerant escapes through holes or cracks in the cooling system’s coils. If you’re experiencing a large refrigerant leak, you should be able to hear a gurgling or hissing noise sound coming from the unit.

Contacting a professional and honest HVAC contractor will not only help you troubleshoot your AC problem, but help you avoid making a costly decision. Maximizing the life of your current unit should always be considered unless an upgrade is necessary or you’ll save a significant amount of money over time.

More About Refrigeration Coils.

So why are refrigerant coils so important to your Phoenix cooling system? Sufficient refrigerant levels are necessary for the coils to adequately absorb heat and ensure the system is running efficiently. When temperatures are low, condensation builds up on the coils and they freeze. The more ice that builds up on the coils, the more likely it is that the compressor stops working.

This causes the compressor to not operate at full capacity, which in turn, increases your cooling expenses. Think of it like a mountain bike. Your system needs to be in a specific gear to maximize your peddling efficiency. If your going uphill in the highest gear, a higher amount of energy is needed. A properly maintained system performs at an ideal output and energy efficiency.

Take Care of AC Unit Leaks Quickly.

As you can see, a refrigerant leak can lead to a diverse range of problems, many of which result in higher cooling expenses. Contact Canyon State Air Conditioning at 623-201-5118 to schedule an AC maintenance session. Proper maintenance is key to avoiding air conditioning issues and refrigerant leaks in Phoenix, Arizona.

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