The Benefits of a Quality Water Softener in Phoenix, Arizona

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When it comes to owning a home in Phoenix, Arizona, a high value is placed on comfort. While residents of other states might describe comfortability by measuring their level of contentment and tranquility – the style of the house and the flow of certain spaces isn’t enough to create a cozy environment in the Valley of the Sun.

If you’ve lived in Arizona before then you probably know what to expect from the dry, arid climate here. But people moving to Arizona for the first time don’t always understand the requirements for desert-living. Until they experience the elements for themselves, it’s hard for them to see the value in a premier air conditioning system.

At the same time, the home’s cooling capabilities isn’t the only thing Phoenix homeowners should be paying attention to. Living in the desert also means water is tougher to come by. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a quality water softener in Phoenix and how it can add comfort to your home.

1. Quality Water Softeners Improve the Health of Hair and Skin.

When you look good, you feel good, right? There aren’t many things that improve your self confidence more than having healthy, hydrated skin and beautiful hair. While shampoos and body washes are designed to improve the texture and health of your hair and skin, they’re not always the best solution for optimal health.

The water you use while washing your skin and hair has as much to do with the effectiveness of your products as the ingredients in the products. The mixing of chemicals and ingredients can even be counter productive to the results you’re seeking. No matter what type of product you use when bathing, water will always be the primary ingredient.

Soft Water Improves Hygiene and Appearance .

Since you need water before and after product application, it is the first and last thing your body absorbs and utilizes. Hard water is extremely rough on skin and hair if you’re bathing multiple times per day. You may think extra conditioning is helping but your Arizona water is actually causing your hair to be dry and brittle while trapping dirt molecules in your skin

If you’re unable to look and feel good because of your skin and hair, then you might want to look into your home water conditioning system. Replacing it with a quality Phoenix water softener can be revolutionary for those concerned with their appearance while living in the desert. You could have hair like Marsha Brady!

2. Quality Water Softeners Create Better Tasting Water in Phoenix.

Once you live through an Arizona summer, you learn to appreciate the taste of a cold, crisp glass of water. But if you’re new to Phoenix, it’s safe to say you’re probability going to be disappointed with your first gulp of tap water. In other parts of the country, it might be common practice to drink from the hose – but we wouldn’t recommend it here. 

Why Use Caution With Phoenix Tap Water?

While the utility grid in Phoenix is mapped out pretty well, there are some concerns. Due to droughts, irrigated water has to travel pretty far to reach certain neighborhoods. This leaves a lot of room for contamination – which is why further chemical treatments are added to ensure drinking water is “safe.”

If your hands are drying out from washing them with hard water, imagine the effect it’ll have on your organs. This is why many locals own an RO System. At the same time, poor Arizona water conditioning systems sometimes allow unhealthy chemicals to pass through.

water softener benefits and ro system perks for phoenix arizona homeowners living in the desert where drinking water is hard and cleanliness to come by

Aside from poor water purification methods, mineral buildup can also lead to unhealthy drinking water. So if you want to maximize your hydration efforts during the summer, you’ll want to keep your water systems clean.

Bad Water Can Discourage Healthy Habits.

Some of our customers tells us it’s hard to consume the amount of H2O they need when their tap water tastes or smells terrible due to mineral deposits. Installing a quality water softener can drastically increase the quality of your water.

Doing so will eliminate this unnecessary mineral buildup and the presence of unwanted chemicals. Scheduling routine maintenance can also help you avoid discomfort.

3. Skin Disease Can Result From Low Quality Water Conditioning.

When the look, feel and overall healthiness of your skin is important, taking care of it should be a priority. You don’t have to let a supply of low quality water hinder your appearance or quality of life. Upgrading or installing a water softener in Phoenix will not only soften your skin, but protect you against skin diseases and other irritations.

Some studies have even shown that a quality water softener system in the home can actually help people avoid eczema and other scenarios that involve uncomfortably dry skin. While it may be easier to wallow in the elements of desert-living, there are always ways to improve your comfort.

The Perks of a Quality Water Softener Are Worth It!

We understand how the initial cost of a water softener can be intimidating, but most homeowners experience a refreshing peace of mind shortly after installation. In fact, many save a lot of money by eliminating moisturizers from their budget. 

You’ll be surprise by the problems you can solve by simply improving your water softener system. If you’re looking for the perfect product, we’d love the ability to present you with some options to choose from.

Since some water conditioning systems won’t suit your needs, it’s best to avoid navigating the purchase on your own. One of our Canyon State plumbing specialists will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. You can reach us at 623-201-5118 to learn more.

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