We are taking precautions to protect our customers and employees against COVID-19

We are taking precautions to protect our customers and employees against COVID-19

Reverse Osmosis Repair & Maintenance.

Fix Flow Restrictors & RO System Pumps with Quality Plumbers.

When your home water filtration system isn’t properly maintained or you don’t regularly change the filters, then it’s not going to do you much good. While basic guidelines for RO use may seem straightforward, it’s nearly impossible to gauge the system’s efficiency without a professional. Every household or business uses different amounts of drinking water throughout the day. Because of this, we take the time to assess your needs before executing a reverse osmosis repair.

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underneath sink water filtration system with tubes coming from water tank that enters into reverse osmosis filters by canyon state in phoenix az


kitchen sink in surprise az home where reverse osmosis repair was performed and canyon state plumbing mug was left for the customer to keep by spicket.


Why Quality Reverse Osmosis Repairs Matter:

When a family or business chooses to maintain their RO system with Canyon State, there are multiple benefits.
  • Cleaner, Accessible Drinking Water:  Instead of buying bottled water or new filters for the fridge, you can enjoy some of the purest water straight from the kitchen tap.
  • A Healthier You:  Unlike cheap solutions, our plumbers are RO repair experts. We ensure all water treatment systems are effectively removing harmful chemicals and contaminants.
  • Stop Wasting Water:  The end goal of all of our repair services is to help you save money. We do so by making sure water isn’t leaking or over pouring, which lowers your water bill in return.
  • Lower Plastic Usage:  Every day, more than 100 million plastic bottles are used across the globe. Most of which end up in a landfill with water left in them. Not only can you save water by restoring your RO system but you can make a difference by reducing the need for plastic bottle manufacturing.
under sink at canyon state showroom in sun city west az for plumbing installations like reverse osmosis purifying systems
canyon state location in sun city west az where bobby and garrett are preparing for the day by loading up company vehicles for repair job.

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