Plumbing Products from Canyon State

These are just a few of the premium products we provide to the Greater Phoenix area.

kohler toilets in the canyon state showroom

Toilets By Kohler

The Cimarron toilet combines versatile design with high-powered flush performance.

A classic two-piece style blends with traditional or contemporary decor, while an elongated bowl offers extra room for comfort. Seating is positioned at the height of a standard chair for ease of use. This toilet features innovative AquaPiston™ technology, a patented flush engine, that delivers a fast, powerful, and plug-free flush!

Understand the Technology:

In a Single-flush gravity toilet, the bowl, trapway and tank are engineered for precision. Gravitational force creates a strong siphon and the AquaPiston canister allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides (360 degrees). This increases the power and effectiveness of the flush.

Moreover, the 3.2 ratio of the flush valve drastically improves overall performance. Unlike a 3-inch flapper, leaks are less common due to the durable canister design with 90% less exposed seal material. The light-touch canister flush also requires a lower actuation force.

The Features of Canyon State Toilets:

Designer RO Faucets by Ultima

Invest in quality plumbing products and fixtures for reverse osmosis systems.

The 888 Series

The 888 Series

Quality, designer point of use faucets that match nearly any kitchen faucet

The 905 Series

Premium RO faucets for point of use need that suit most kitchens in Phoenix