Efficient Plumbing Maintenance Technicians.

Phoenix residents receive a quality, preventative service and peace of mind.

Preventing the inconvenience of plumbing repairs can save you a lot of money. But finding a company with quality plumbing maintenance technicians is invaluable. Proper service plays a critical role in making sure your pipes, drains, fixtures and appliances operate at peak efficiency all year long. Not only are our maintenance plans competitively priced, but we take the time to educate you throughout the process. At the end of the day, our plumbers take pride in helping you lower your water bill and extend the life of your water systems.

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What to Expect From Our Maintenance Plumbers.

We’ve been offering plumbing services as a family owned and operated business since 1989. Our founders, Rob and Christina, believe in building long-term relationships with customers and they make it a point to hire all the right people. We work hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable during a service call.

It’s important to us that you’re able to trust our plumbing maintenance technicians when they arrive at your Phoenix home or business. No matter what type of maintenance package you have, you can expect the same level of quality from all of our plumbers. 

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Why Hire Our Plumbing Maintenance Technicians?

Your plumbing network is pretty durable but it’s also rather fickle. One minor malfunction or slow leak can create extensive problems for homes and commercial buildings. Regular maintenance for Phoenix water systems helps property owners sustain reliable plumbing. Here are some of the benefits that our preventative service technicians provide:

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1. A Smooth Running Property.

An abundant supply of fresh water at the right temperature is usually taken for granted until there’s a problem of some sort. Our plumbing maintenance technicians regularly test and inspect your fixtures and piping to ensure your plumbing and sewer systems are working properly. Overflowing toilets, backed-up drains and frozen pipes can be avoided with a quality preventative maintenance program.

2. Avoid Plumbing Repairs and Damage.

Our technicians look for small leaks and the different types of clogs that tend to waste quite a bit of water. Minor problems like these inevitably increase your water utility bill. When you’re able to locate and repair hidden consistently, the service pays for itself. Plumbing maintenance technicians maximize the efficiency of your water flow, prevents potential structural damage and save you a lot of money.

3. Minimize Unexpected Emergencies.

When your complete plumbing system is operating at peak performance, rarely will you experience unexpected problems. By avoiding preventative measures, you risk emergency situations that can create immense inconvenience and even more cost. It’s similar to not changing the oil in your car. The best part about our plumbing maintenance plans is all customers receive 24-hour emergency service.

Checklist for Preserving Plumbing Systems.

The Canyon State Plumbing Division adheres to an extensive preventative checklist that allows us to confirm your system is working as designed. Whether you own a home or commercial property, you can easily avoid expensive repairs and water damage by investing in a maintenance plan. Here are some of the potential problems that our plumbing maintenance technicians expose regularly:

  • Water Leaks: Leaks usually develop because of corrosion that attacks the interior of the pipe. This usually occurs at the joints or angles. Our plumbers have the ability to quickly find and correct damaged sections of pipe before a leak even begins.
  • Pipe Noise: Our plumbing service technicians can often diagnose potential problems just from the different types of sounds coming from the fixtures, appliances or the pipe itself. It’s one of the many ways we thoroughly inspect plumbing systems.
  • Substandard Water Pressure: Breaks or leaks aren’t the only causes for concern. Sometimes, water pressure settings aren’t properly set for the building. We test plumbing systems for this because pressure issues are often indicative of bigger problems.
  • Burst Pipe: Every winter, most Phoenix property owners take a chance on a pipe bursting during one of our rare freezes. When you invest in a maintenance plan for your plumbing, we winterize your piping to protect against weather-related bursts and breaches.
  • Water Accumulation: Often times, property owners aren’t even aware a water leak is occurring. Because of this, our plumbing maintenance technicians look for wet or warm spots on carpets and floors to see if leaks are somewhere in the immediate vicinity.

Commercial Prevention Plumbers.

For small businesses or light commercial industries, a reliable plumbing system is an essential part of daily business operations. Our commercial plumbing maintenance technicians are trained to inspect and locate line stoppages, grease buildups, pipe breaks and other costly plumbing deficiencies.

Aside from quality upkeep, our company takes pride in the way we reward local businesses. By investing in preventative packages, you receive priority service no matter where you’re located in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Best at Maintaining Plumbing.

When it comes to an efficient plumbing system, preventative maintenance is the best investment you can make. Operating at peak performance extends the life of your equipment and saves you money every year.

If you’d like to learn more about the details of our plumbing maintenance plans, one of our friendly customer service representatives would be more than happy to answer any of your questions. For as low as $17/month, you could experience the peace of mind every property owner covets. 

Plumbing Maintenance Technicians You Can Trust.

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