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Is your current water heater causing problems? Have you noticed a higher utility bill? Most property owners don’t think about replacing water heaters until it’s a need. The inconvenience gets worse when repair costs are high or injuries occur. At Canyon State, our plumbing installers are trained to provide superior service for all tankless and conventional water heaters. When you replace a unit with us, expect a professional experience and a quality installation that lasts.

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Why Replace Your Water Heater With Our Plumbing Company?

Although some Phoenix plumbers want their customers to buy expensive systems, we simply want to help you maximize efficiency and save money. A water heater replacement from Canyon State includes a detailed property inspection that helps you find the right model at the right price. For more than 30 years now, we’ve taken pride in satisfying customers with quality replacement services. If you need to install a new water heater or would like to know more about our replacement services, we’d love to introduce you to the family.

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What Type of Water Heater Are You Looking For?

There are several different factors worth considering before purchasing a new water heater. This is where working with an experienced professional to upgrade or install your system can be invaluable. Either way, here are your primary water heating options.

New Conventional Hot Water Tanks

The most important decision regarding water heaters will be choosing whether you want to install a unit with a conventional storage tank or a tankless model. Traditional tank-style units are relatively inexpensive, and they last around 8-12 years if maintained. When you turn on a hot tap, hot water runs from the tank which is then replaced with cold water.

Even when there is no demand, the water must be reheated every time the temperature falls below the thermostat threshold. The main drawback is that once the hot water is gone, you’ll have to wait for the water inside of the tank to reheat. Depending on the size of your water heater, this could take a while.

Tankless Water Heater Replacement

When it comes down to powering the heating process, tankless water heaters use 30-50% less electricity than water storage tank models. They also provide an endless supply of hot water since they heat water on demand. These units are much smaller and typically hang on a wall, even inside of the shower itself.

Since a typical tankless water heater doesn’t take up that much room, the additional space can be used for storage or other purposes. For those of you looking to replace water heaters with tankless technology, it’s important to work with a certified plumber who knows how to pick a model with sufficient capacity to satisfy your entire family during peak usage.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heating Systems

Hybrid water heaters heat water differently than standard heaters. For starters, there is a heat pump and an evaporator coil that stores refrigerant inside. Refrigerant pulls warm air (from outside) into the heater in order to heat the water tank. A heat exchanger gets the water to your desired temperature and passes it from the tank and into your home or commercial building.

In other words, rather than pushing out warm air (like a refrigerator), this type of heat pump replacement  funnels in hot air to make the inside contents warmer. This is more efficient than using gas or electricity to heat your water because the warming component is free. Moreover, it doesn’t run all the time. 

Learn More About Our Water Heater Replacement Process

Select the Proper Equipment

Electric water heater replacements are connected directly to the power source, and we inspect all electrical components to ensure everything is safe and operating properly. Tankless water heaters may require more time to install depending on the size of your plumbing pipes and electric capacity.

When it comes to installation, manufacturers recommend that you have a professional plumbing contractor help you with this process. Some Phoenix properties are not capable of supporting the power and fuel requirements for tankless water heaters without certain modifications to gas or electric lines.

A Professional Installation

The first task is determining which type of equipment best fits your property and aligns with energy goals. Once you’ve chosen the water heater that suits your needs, you’re going to want to have it installed by a trained and certified plumber.

When we manage an installation, we actually take the time to remove and drain your old unit before hauling it away. Some companies will charge extra for this. If you have a gas water heater, we verify that the flue is clear prior to making the final connections. A blue flame with yellow tips confirms the burners are operating efficiently.

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