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When it’s time to replace your old furnace or heat pump, you’re going to want a high-quality product installed by experienced technicians you can trust. Besides our reputation, we offer competitively priced heating installation services designed for customer safety and satisfaction. Our technicians are experts at installing new furnaces and other heating equipment for residential or commercial properties. 

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Reasons to Replace Your Current Heating System

HVAC technology continues to evolve, and the heating services and equipment available today are more efficient than ever before. We realize installing a new furnace or heat pump is a significant investment for anyone. But as our satisfied customers can attest, you’ll reap the rewards when you replace your aging system. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Greater efficiency which creates further energy savings.
  • Increased resale value of your home or commercial building.
  • A brand new warranty protection with better coverage for repairs.
  • The peace of mind that comes with up-to-date, professionally installed heating equipment.

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Choosing the Most Efficient Heating System

Once you’ve decided to contact Canyon State’s HVAC division for a professional heating installation, we’ll want to find the best furnace or heat pump to replace your old units. Our technicians understand how to assess your commercial or residential property to determine what types of systems suit you best. Having options allows you to make the best choice.

When it comes to making this decision, you’ll want to consider energy efficiency and equipment longevity. We’ve been a Trane Comfort specialist for more than 20 years because the brand is known for high-quality equipment and is one of the most respected and trusted heating and cooling companies in the field. So here are some things to look for when choosing your replacement.

Understanding Furnace AFUE Ratings.

Furnace efficiency is measured by a percentage known as AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency.

  • Old, inefficient furnaces have an AFUE percentage of less than 70%.
  • High-efficiency furnaces have an AFUE of 90% or greater.

Know What Heat Pump HSPF Means.

Heat pump efficiency during cold weather is measured in HSPF, otherwise known as heating season performance factor. This is not to be confused with SEER, which measures heat pump cooling efficiency in warm weather. The greater the HSPF, the more efficient a heat pump will be during the winter months.

Professional Heating Services Bring Peace of Mind

The integrity of your heating system is crucial for your comfort and the safety of your family or employees. You can rely on a quality system to keep your household or business comfortable – whether the Arizona temperature is peaking over 120 degrees or dropping below freezing. At Canyon State Heating and AC, we recommend and install only the best HVAC equipment and make sure your new heating system is:

  • Properly sized and installed to manufacturer standards.
  • Legally compliant with all local codes and regulations.
  • Highly efficient and suitable for the space you’re heating.

Our heating services are prompt, practical, and professional. We can help you find a new furnace or other heating equipment that improves your current situation and, even more importantly, leaves you completely satisfied.

A Furnace Installation Done the Right Way.

Canyon State is a family-owned and operated business that’s been serving the greater Phoenix area since 1989. Our technicians are NATE-certified and they take pride in building long-term relationships with the local community. We know that hiring the right people has been an essential part of our success.

For more than 30 years, we’ve provided complete HVAC services to home and small business owners throughout the valley. We’ve held our furnace installers to a high standard and have worked hard to achieve 100-percent customer satisfaction ratings.

If you’re looking for a furnace installation or would like to prepare for your decision, feel free to stop by our showroom in Sun City West, Arizona to meet our technicians and learn about your heating options.

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