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Heat pumps are an environmentally-friendly option that gives Phoenix property owners the ability to improve HVAC performance without having to purchase a new furnace and air conditioner. Unlike conventional furnaces that burn fossil fuel, heat pumps simply transfer heat from one area to another. Heat pumps can drastically improve the energy efficiency of your home or business.

Canyon State has been family-owned and operated business since 1989 and have been providing heat pump service as a Trane Comfort Specialist since 1998. We take pride in the culture and reputation we’ve built over the past 30 years. All of our technicians are NATE-certified and believe in building long-term relationships with the Phoenix community in order to achieve 100-percent customer satisfaction.

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How Heat Pumps Benefit HVAC Systems.

Heat pumps and air conditioners operate in a similar way, but the main difference is the use of a “reversing valve.” This process basically allows AC refrigerant to flow in either direction. In other words, you’re recycling cold air. While the cooling cycle mimics an air conditioner, the heating mode actually extracts heat from the outdoor air and delivers it into the house or commercial building.

Heat pumps are an excellent choice in Phoenix because the Valley’s winter temperatures rarely approach freezing. Instead of leaning on a furnace to create heat, residents can save a lot of money by relying on heat pumps to pull the sunshine inside.

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement.

When it comes to heat pump replacements, you don’t always have to purchase the most expensive equipment to reap the best value. There are tons of different makes and models with beneficial features that’ll fit comfortably within your budget. Choosing one on your own can be tough which is why you should always speak to an experienced HVAC company when making your decision. Don’t allow yourself to be sold, rather work with someone willing to educate you on every available option. In order to provide customers with a satisfactory installation, our heat pump services includes the following:

  • Total System Design: Every replacement we install starts with a unique design. Our comfort specialists run a full set of load calculations to learn how much conditioned air your home needs and where it should be delivered. 
  • Ductwork Restoration: Your air distribution system plays an important role in comfort and efficiency. We inspect your ductwork for imperfections like breaches, gaps, and loose connections. If need be, we’ll restore the damaged or improperly sized sections so you can maximize the heating and cooling efficiency throughout your property.
  • Testing: We performance-test every new heat pump and air balance the registers to ensure efficiency. Each of these steps allow you to experience even levels of comfort throughout your home or business once the replacement heat pump services are complete.

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Heat Pump Service for Repairs

Today’s heat pumps are built to last, but the harsh Phoenix summer weather eventually takes its toll. If your heat pump breaks down during 100+ degree temperatures, it can be quite the disadvantage. Especially if you’ve been counting on the equipment to balance your cooling levels and keep your costs low. Every day that goes by without repair can be extremely costly.

Whether you request emergency heat pump service or schedule a repair appointment in the future, you can count on any of our NATE-certified technicians to get the job done the right way, the first time. We equip our heat pump service techs with advanced diagnostic equipment to quickly find the problem and get your unit back online in no time.

We Specialize in Servicing Heat Pumps

As we mentioned before, we’ve been serving the Phoenix community for more than 30 years now. We take pride in our workmanship and do everything we can to extend the life of heat pumps while avoiding further problems. If you need a heat pump installation, maintenance or repair service, one of our professionals are only a phone call away. You’re also always more than welcome to stop by our showroom in Sun City West, Arizona.

While there are plenty of heating and cooling companies to choose from in Phoenix, we hope you decide to invest in a quality heat pump service. 

Quality Heat Pump Service You Can Trust

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