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We’ve been replacing air conditioners in Phoenix, Arizona for more than 30 years.

Purchasing a new air conditioner can be quite intimidating. Just thinking about the number of choices that Arizona residents have is overwhelming. Since the sales approach of some heating and cooling companies can be a little pushy, we enjoy providing a personal approach. Understanding your financial situation and the needs of your property allows us to provide ideal, quality solutions that save you a lot of money over time.

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When to Think About an AC Replacement.

When temperatures soar in the valley of the sun, AC units work twice as hard just to keep properties cool. Many cooling systems are overworked, trying to keep the hot air outside and the cold air in. Quality air conditioners can withstand a reasonable amount of wear and tear (especially when they’re properly maintained), but even the best equipment wears out over time.

If your AC unit is more than 10 or 15 years old, replacing it can be a lot more fruitful. Many Phoenix residents continue to pay for repairs just to keep the AC unit alive. In hindsight, they realize installing a new unit would have saved them more than repair costs. Upgraded air conditioners improve efficiency, which saves quite a bit of money over time. 

Discussing your AC system with a maintenance technician is always a good idea. At Canyon State, we enjoy educating the Phoenix community on upkeep and prevention during routine visits. Your company should know your air conditioner best. If you’re thinking about replacing your unit, all of our AC installation technicians know how to properly assess properties and help you find the best solution.

Installing an Air Conditioner in Phoenix, AZ.

A proper AC installation requires a professional assessment of your ductwork and insulation. If you’re replacing your system, don’t agree to any new AC equipment until you’ve spoken with a trained technician about sizing and other important features. Here are a few pointers to think about before you invest in a new cooling system for your Phoenix property. 

    • An energy-efficient air conditioner can save you money. Though it might cost more upfront, a machine with a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy-Efficiency Rating) utilizes electricity more efficiently. All newer AC units are required to have a SEER of at least 14. Keep in mind the weather in Phoenix can be a little more intense than the national average.
    • Bigger is not always better. The best air conditioner for your space is one that can accommodate the cooling load of your home. A unit that’s too large for your space would actually waste energy. One of our trained, certified and experienced AC installation technicians can help you determine which product specs are best for you.
    • You’ll also need to decide between central air conditioning and ductless air conditioning. Both are viable options; the system that’s right for you depends, in large part, on your home’s structure. No matter what, realize some companies will try to sell you on profitable options. So, try to consult with a trusted source before making a final decision. 

When an AC Installation is Probably Ideal. 

If you notice your home not cooling as it should be, then replacing the system is a good idea. If the cost of your electricity has skyrocketed, yet your AC blows lukewarm air, then it’s definitely time for an upgrade. You just never know when it’ll fail altogether. It never hurts to get a free system evaluation. Whether you hire us or not, we want to help you figure out what your next steps should be.

Canyon State Air is a family-owned and operated business that was established in 1989. We have been a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer since 1998, and our technicians are NATE-certified. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers which is why we focus on hiring professional, experienced people. Your comfort is important to us.

We work hard to achieve 100-percent customer satisfaction and are proud to hold a 5 star rating. We provide a full range of HVAC services and products for home and light commercial owners throughout the Phoenix metro area. Feel free to stop by our showroom in Sun City West, Arizona to learn more about what you can expect from a Canyon State AC Installation. 

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