We Provide Quality AC Service Throughout Phoenix AZ for Tune-ups, Repairs + Replacements.

A quality air conditioner in Phoenix is something that’s highly valued during the hot summer months. It can be grueling if you need AC service during this time of year. This is why we make sure our AC technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s also why we focus on hiring experts that take pride in prompt and courteous emergency services. Professionalism is important to us because nobody wants to pay for AC repairs.

Whether you have a commercial or home system, we take the time to listen to your problem and come up with a logical solution that’s within your budget. When it comes to AC service requests for new installations, our knowledge on products and brands comes in handy. For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping home and business owners repair and replace their air conditioning systems.

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How Air Conditioning Works

Before you schedule AC service, it’s important that you know how your home cooling system works. Your indoor comfort levels literally depend on the efficiency of a liquid-gas-liquid cycle that’s created inside of your air conditioner system. This is a delicate cooling process, but we’ll do our best to summarize it below:

  1. Cold air is created inside of your air conditioner coils once liquid gas evaporates.
  2. Your AC fan blows the cold air into ducts that travel to every room of the property.
  3. The gas is compressed back into its liquid form by your air conditioning compressor.
  4. The compressions creates heat that is subsequently expelled via your outdoor unit.
  5. The cycle then begins again.

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Quality Phoenix AC Service Repairs

When your air conditioner is cycling smoothly, the Phoenix summers aren’t all that bad. In fact, it’s easy to forget the air conditioner is even there. But if your AC breaks down, the extreme heat outdoors will sneak into your home quickly. The last thing any Arizona property owner wants is for everyone to be terribly uncomfortable inside.

Since 1989. our Canyon State AC technicians have diagnosed and fixed all sorts of home and business cooling issues. If you experience a breakdown or inefficiency, there’s no need to suffer through the heat. You can expect all of our AC repairs to be done the right way the first time. No matter where you live in Phoenix, fast, friendly and reliable AC service is always at your fingertips.

New AC Installations Are No Sweat

If your current air conditioner is more than 12 years old, it’s always a good idea to start preparing for a replacement. Like we mentioned before, a broken AC unit in the middle of the summer isn’t much fun. Our AC service technicians know and understand the latest air conditioning products and technologies. But knowledge isn’t the only reason we’ve been in business for more than 30 years. If you’re considering a new AC installation in Phoenix, it’s important that you know what quality AC service looks like.

    1. Not many Phoenix AC contractors are selective about which air conditioners they install. At Canyon State, only the best will do. We specifically use Trane products because they are recognized as a leader in the HVAC industry – not because we make more money.
    2. Aside from presenting you with options for a new AC unit, we help you decide whether central air or a ductless mini-split system is a better fit for your property. Each type of cooling system offers key benefits that can drastically decrease your cooling expenses.
    3. We make sure your new AC system meets all code requirements for the residential or commercial property. We don’t take shortcuts and pay close attention to manufacturer installation recommendations and guidelines to ensure your system lasts a long time.

Hassle-Free AC Maintenance

Your HVAC equipment is a significant investment and you can save a lot of money by maintaining it properly. If you give your equipment the regular maintenance that it requires, you’ll receive an immense return on your investment. For as little as $16/month, our AC service technicians provide the Phoenix community with annual heating inspections and semiannual cooling tuneups. For more information on our comfort plans, give us a call or stop by our showroom in Sun City West, Arizona.

Quality AC Service You Can Trust

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