In order to properly care for your garbage disposal, it’s helpful to understand how the disposal in your Sun City, AZ home works. The majority of home disposers use a grinding ring and turntable to process garbage. If you have one of these, be careful not to put anything with strong fibers through it as it can jam the mechanism.

Fruits, most vegetable peelings, and most cooked foods process well in garbage disposers. Large quantities of starchy foods such as pasta and potato peelings may create clogs. Be sure to use plenty of water and feed this type of food through more slowly, giving the water a chance to wash everything in the pipes away.

Basic Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Follow these maintenance tips to keep your disposer working smoothly, prevent foul odors and avoid clogged pipes.

  • Process only biodegradable foods.
  • Cut large items into smaller pieces before putting them into the disposer.
  • Run cold water the entire time that your unit is operating and for about one minute after its cycle ends.
  • To prevent odors, process citrus fruits or peels.
  • Run ice cubes through an otherwise empty unit to sharpen blades or clean grinding edges.

Maintenance Help for Arizona Residents

From Wickenburg to Phoenix, help in maintaining your garbage disposal is just a phone call away. Canyon State Air, provides plumbing maintenance services to customers throughout the region. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship. Our plumbers can remove troublesome items from your disposal system, clear clogs and make any needed repairs or replacements.

To learn more about how Canyon State Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing can be of help, check out our plumbing services or call 623-201-5118. In business since 1989, we schedule appointments at your convenience and offer emergency services.

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