Are You Thinking About Upgrading Your Plumbing Fixtures in Phoenix, Arizona?


Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular renovation projects in Phoenix, Arizona. Especially in older neighborhoods across the valley, like Sun City. When assessing the demand here, we found that homeowners don’t usually invest in home improvement methods because they need to – they update their house because they want to. For the most part, they’re either increasing the convenience of the property or they’re adding value to the house with a future intent to sell it. Whether you’re planning to improve your living situation or create value-driven appeal, upgrading your plumbing fixtures in Phoenix is a good place to start.

While it may be tempting to make major repairs in order to improve the atmosphere of the home, simple updates can go a long way. When water is dispensed in a quality fashion or your bathroom looks a little more modern, the visual and emotional appeal tends to be enhanced for homeowners and potential buyers. Plumbing upgrades like faucets, sinks, shower heads, tubs and toilets essentially give your Arizona home a noticeable facelift that promotes user-friendly functionality.

How We Help Arizonans Upgrade Plumbing Fixtures.

Before looking into home improvement options, it’s important to ensure the maintenance of your home is at an optimal level. If you’re looking to enhance the value of the property, you could end up working backward by adding plumbing fixtures before addressing actual problems. The home may look better, but what happens when your heating, cooling or plumbing isn’t functioning properly? Scheduling routine maintenance can be a lot more rewarding than aesthetic appeal. For those with a repair-less house that’s operating at maximum efficiency, here are a few things you should consider before upgrading your plumbing fixtures in Phoenix, Arizona:

1. What Types of Finishes Will You Use?

If you’re currently shopping for home fixtures, then you’re probably aware that they come in a wide array of finishes. Selecting the perfect option can be a stressful process. Before you proceed with upgrades, it’s important to settle on a desired look and feel that can be fluent throughout the house. This allows you to remain consistent when it comes to home improvement efforts. If you’re thinking about upgrading all of your kitchen faucets, then it might be a good idea to determine what types of cabinets and countertops you like best as well.

It would be a shame to have to re-install plumbing fixtures once you decide to fully remodel the kitchen. Planning ahead helps you make confident decisions that mesh with potential renovations down the road. At Canyon State, we take pride in helping our clients choose a finish that bodes well with their personality and the overall vision for the home.

2. Quality Arizona Plumbing Fixtures Matter.

Aside from sifting through aesthetic options, the characteristics and performance of new plumbing fixtures should also be considered. Although many homeowners heavily consider the “look and feel” of the product, its quality is just as important. If you thought making a decision on the finish was tough, then you’re going to find it challenging to sort through the variety of brands that manufacture fixtures.

Understanding the vast features and differences in quality can be tough to do on your own. That’s why we take the time to assist our clients with every element of a plumbing installation. Although investing in high quality upgrades may not be your cup of tea, it can be helpful to find a balance. Installing affordable fixtures in low traffic areas and premier products in places that are commonly used can be a lot more effective than buying middle of the road products for everything.

Having knowledge on brands that are built to last and how they can save you money only adds to the benefits of our 5 star plumbing services in Phoenix, Arizona. At the end of the day, hiring a quality plumber is just as important as using quality products.

3. What Faucet Features Are You Looking For?

When you’re evaluating faucets, it’s important to know what types of features and accommodations you value the most. Since many Phoenix homeowners scour reviews platforms for ideal plumbing fixtures, their preferences tend to be forgotten. Once everything is installed, they realize they don’t like the change. There’s no need to completely revamp a kitchen sink or shower if you don’t need to.

Like we already mentioned, just because something is more appealing visually doesn’t mean it’ll perform at an optimal level for you. Take the time to look for convenience features that will make your life a little easier. Modern units include faucet pull-outs, long throats and an endless variety of handle options. Again, making a confident decision on products while using experienced plumbers will enhance your satisfaction of your decision in the end.

Some of the Benefits of Plumbing Fixture Upgrades.

There are numerous benefits to replacing old and broken plumbing fixtures. When you base your decision on our three points above, the overall experience becomes an enjoyable one. Whether you’re improving your current living situation or planning to sell it, here are some advantages of updating sink, shower, toilet and tub fixtures:

  • Lower Your Utility Bill: Water saving fixtures help property owners use water efficiently by eliminating overpours or drip problems due to low quality equipment.
  • Improve the look of the room: Upgraded fixtures create a more appealing look and refresh the entire space.
  • Eliminate plumbing problems: Broken fixtures, toilet clogs and other plumbing problems can be a constant annoyance. Replacing old and damaged fixtures eliminates these issues.
  • Environmentally friendly: New plumbing fixtures are engineered to save water and reduce energy consumption. You’ll preserve precious resources while lowering those costly utility bills.
  • Reduce Stress levels: Enjoying a refreshing bath or shower is a great way to reduce stress. New fixtures provide a soothing respite from the rigors of daily life.

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