The Hot Water Heater Woes of Arizona Homeowners.

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Have you ever taken a cold shower in the dead of winter? Even though it stays fairly warm in Arizona, we can all agree cold showers aren’t exactly ideal. The modernized world we live in has blessed us with the convenience of heated water. So, we don’t have to endure uncomfortable bathing sessions. At the same time, Arizona homeowners do experience a few hot water heater woes from time to time.

Even on the coldest of days, most of us immediately take advantage of being able to jump out of bed and scurry to the bathroom to soak the coldness out of our bones. Yet, it seems like the majority of people take water heaters for granted—that is, right up until hot water heater problems present us with an unexpected surprise.

Unexpected Problems Can Create Setbacks

Today, homeowners in any part of the country would consider a day without hot water a huge inconvenience. Aside from the absence of a soothing and refreshing shower, people quickly realize hot water is needed for a number of things around the house or office. If you count on instant hot water for coffee in the morning then you might know of the turmoil we speak of.

Although setbacks can be discouraging, it’s not the end of the world. On the other hand, your plumbing choice for repairs can absolutely turn into a disaster. Many Arizona homeowners underestimate the steps to actually getting it fixed. With that being said, we thought it’d be helpful to share a few water heater woes with so you can be prepared for the worst.

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The Woes of Discovering Your Water Heater is Faulty.

It’s early. You’ve just woken up and are still a bit groggy. You head to the bathroom for your morning shower, turn on the water, and step in without even thinking to check the water temperature. Immediately, you wish you’d taken the time to test the water before getting in. It’s freezing!

From here, still half asleep, you play around with the temperature, but it’s no good. Nothing works and you end up bumping your head on the way out amidst a shiver or two. You get dressed and go to check if the water heater is on only to find that it’s not working. Well, now what?

Learning From Mistakes as a Homeowner.

For those of you that have been in this situation, you probably remember asking yourself, “could this have happened at a worse time?!” The answer is no. Water heaters always seem to go out when you need them most. Take now, for instance. Nearly everyone is stuck at home, thanks to the current global pandemic.

So was there something you could have done to prevent the heater from breaking? Were there signs the hot water heater was going bad? The answer, in short, is yes. But if you want to prevent water heater woes like these then you have to pay attention to your equipment.

Rust in your water or strange rumbling sounds coming from your hot water heater are a few good forms of evidence that something is wrong. Another telling sign is water pooling on the floor around our heater. Regardless, if it’s dead, it’s dead. At the end of the day, you’re going to have to call up a maintenance specialist.

The Woes of Fixing Hot Water Heaters.

Just when you thought the situation couldn’t get any more stressful, here comes the hard part—getting your broken water heater fixed. Sure, it might sound as easy as calling up a repairman, but unless you already have a water heater specialist on hand, how do you know you’re getting reputable service?

Any local plumber could charge you more than the repair should cost while performing a shoddy repair. Many have been known to sell customers used or cheap (knockoff) products that won’t last more than a couple of years.

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Even after locating a reliable company, you could end up finding out that the repair will cost an arm and a leg to administer – even at its most reasonable price! But let’s face it; the water here in Arizona isn’t exactly soft. Water heaters can easily fail here because of sediment and mineral build-up in the reserve tank.

Although maintenance providers should inspect this, not all do. If your hot water heater woes include hard water damage, you might need a whole new unit. If this is the case, be prepared for conditional offers. Many repair companies offer packages that include a water softener. If the hot water is your only need then don’t feel hard-pressed to say “yes”.

The Water Heater Replacement Woes.

Having your failing water heater replaced isn’t going to be cheap, but it’s a decision you may have no choice but to make. If your water heater breaks down during the summer, it may not be that big of a deal. But in the dead of winter, your family might not enjoy the warm water waiting period.

Your family’s comfort isn’t the only thing at risk, either. Leaving a faulty water heater sitting around (or stagnant) can cause potential harm to the property. If left unchecked, it could even explode! With that in mind, you really only have one option. Just bite the bullet and get a new one installed.

Know What You’re Looking For.

The next source of stress is deciding what you need. Keep in mind, there’s more than one type of water heater in the world. So, knowing which features you need and how big your system is will be helpful. Have some means by which to do some research in order to make a good decision. Expecting a Home Depot salesman to know what you need is risky.

Older styles will likely not last as long as newer ones. At the same time, you may also be limited by your local climate and even your home’s power source. Of course, a professional repair company will guide you through this process, but it’s still one more decision you’ll have to make.

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Dealing Water Heater Woes.

The best advice we can give is to keep an eye on your entire plumbing system and get it serviced as soon as you notice something out of the ordinary. The last thing you’ll want is to find yourself in the exact same situations we depicted before.

If it’s too late and your water heater is already broken, be sure to find a trustworthy company that can help you find the best replacement. Using a professional will help you avoid run-around sales pitches and guarantee that your water heater won’t break again in just a few short months. 

For more information on how to spot potential hot water heater woes, we recommend checking out more of our blog. You can also give us a call anytime. Whether your water heater is faulty or just turned off, our experts can guide you in everything your home needs. 

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