Need to Buy a New HVAC System? Why Size Matters in Phoenix.


Over the years, more and more people are realizing that living in Phoenix definitely has its perks. Tons of people and businesses have migrated to the desert because of its appeal. Whether the dry climate improves their medical conditions or they’re simply tired of harsh winters, most are extremely pleased with their decision to relocate. If there was one thing they could do without, it would probably be the discomfort of an Arizona summer. Although lifelong residents don’t mind it too much, we can understand it take take some getting used to. It can be especially difficult when new inhabitants have to buy a new HVAC system within their first year.

Outdoor air conditioning units, heat pumps and other aspects of heating and cooling systems are worked pretty hard in the Valley of the Sun. Maintaining your equipment will not only prevent repairs and prolong the need for a replacement, but it’ll help you avoid high energy bills. Even though some HVAC companies may pressure you to buy a new HVAC system, it may not always be necessary. While your cooling and heating may improve with an upgrade, there are ways to revive the performance of your equipment.

You just have to find a reputable HVAC contractor that takes pride in quality solutions best suited for the customer – not the revenue goals of their business. Attempting to do everything on your own can leave you with some regrets.

Preparing to Buy a New HVAC System.

Since there are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a new HVAC system, it’s best that you avoid waiting until there is an emergency to find a replacement. Scheduling routine maintenance allows you to gain a better understanding for the life of your system. It also gives you the opportunity to regularly speak to a professional about your future replacement options. Aside from maximizing the life of your Phoenix heating and cooling equipment, the energy savings that result from quality maintenance helps you inevitably save up for the cost of a new installation.

Whether you’re new to Arizona or you’ve been here for a while, there are plenty of ways you can improve the performance of your home’s furnace and air conditioner. But there’s not much you can do once your furnace and air conditioner are nearing their demise. When it comes time to buy a new HVAC system, the worst thing you can do is install something that doesn’t meet proper requirements for Phoenix weather. While a high price tag may worry you, a better-than-normal HVAC system could be the best way to improve performance, increase comfort levels and decrease your energy costs altogether.

3 Reasons to Buy The Right Sized HVAC Systems

Getting correctly-sized heating and cooling equipment can impact your Phoenix home in a major way. When you purchase the bare minimum, you risk straining your system. But if you purchase something too big, you risk using too much energy. Think about how long it takes a window AC unit to bring a room to a comfortable temperature. In order to eventually cool down the space, it will need to run for a long period of time.

If you were to place two window units in the room or buy a new HVAC system that’s ample for the space, then the amount of energy needed on a consistent basis will be minimal. Installing a huge window unit and an industrial fan won’t improve your comfort levels. Increasing your power output won’t lessen energy costs. Finding the perfectly-sized equipment for your property will most certainly create peace of mind and save over time. Here are three reasons why.

1. Climate Considerations and Settings

Depending on the area in the country that you live, your HVAC system needs to be able to handle certain workloads. Arizona regularly experiences high temperatures, so it requires a different tonnage level capability compared other houses across the country. What might work well in a 2,000 square foot home in Montana probably won’t work for a similar house in Phoenix. While an affordable option might fit the bill, better systems provide business and home owners with improved climate settings.

If you’re currently working with an an experienced heating and cooling company for maintenance, then you can always ask them to conduct load calculations. These allow you to easily determine the best size for your home and geographic location. Just make sure they’re considering the region we live in. If you feel as though they’re unsure then find a professional that knows their stuff. This is a big purchase and it’s not worth it to guess on sizes when you buy new HVAC systems.

2. Size Can Affect Energy Efficiency

We’ve kind of touched on this reason already but we wanted to reiterate how important energy efficiency is in Phoenix. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that an oversized or undersized HVAC unit will save them on power. The problem is, they base this on common knowledge and not facts. Many people think that oversized units heat and cool faster while undersized systems use less energy. Unfortunately, both are wrong.

Measuring the elements of your home and identifying the equipment that’ll cool and heat the property at optimal levels is important. Large systems may be able to move air more quickly because of shorter cycles, but they sometimes use more energy. Shorter cycles are more inaccurate which causes the system to kick on more often than a properly sized unit would. Similarly, smaller units will have longer cycles in order to get the temperature right (like our window unit example), which will use up more resources and lead to a slower-cooling home.

3. The Right Size Improves Temperature Accuracy

In general, it can be difficult to hold temperatures throughout properties in Arizona. This is mainly because a majority of homes and commercial buildings in the valley aren’t properly sealed. While the characteristics of houses often play a role in the underperformance of Phoenix heating and cooling equipment, it’s not always the only problem. Since the cycles of different systems vary, the temperature accuracy of your home will suffer if you buy a new HVAC system that’s inaccurately sized.

Warm and frigid spots are common throughout Phoenix and many air conditioners and heaters are overworked because of it. At the end of the day, an overall inconsistent temperature creates a noticeably uncomfortable environment at home or work. Installing a new system that cycles too short or too long, on top of susceptible insulation and entry-ways, doesn’t allow the temperatures of the property to stabilize enough to remain consistent. This can not only be annoying but extremely costly over time. It also decreases the lifespan of the system. Whether you spent more or less, either could be disadvantageous.

Before You Need to Buy a New HVAC System..

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