Most Common Hydro Jetting Equipment For Sewer Cleaning in AZ.

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When it comes to cleaning things, water is a far more powerful tool than any chemical known to humankind. If you’ve ever used a pressure washer then you know what we mean. Not much is more satisfying than spraying something clean with a powerful stream. This is the insight that led to the invention of hydro jetting equipment.

Today, the technology has become a highly effective method for plumbers across Phoenix, Arizona. While there are other methods for plumbing maintenance (like rooter services), hydro jetting equipment is, hands down, your best option. 

At Canyon State AC, Heating and Plumbing, we’re always looking to improve your experience. In order to provide the highest level of service to our customers, we’re looking to expand our sewer cleaning capabilities by upgrading our hydro jetting equipment in 2021. With that being said, let’s talk about the different types of systems.

What Exactly Are Hydro Jetting Services?  

Like power washing, which is widely used in homes and commercial buildings, hydro jetting uses a stream of high-pressure water to blast away filth and grime – otherwise known as “crud”. Instead of using the pressurized equipment to clean the home siding and driveways, a Hydro Jetter thoroughly sprays out blockages and buildups that cause clogs and other plumbing issues in drains, sewers, and pipes. 

This highly effective process can safely remove soap residue, nasty grease buildup, mineral and scale buildup, and other lingering substances from your property’s waterways. Using hydro jetting equipment on sewer lines and pipes is way more effective than snaking out pipes or soaking them with chemicals. Plumbing “snakes” only break up the obstruction. It doesn’t remove the residue on the pipe walls.

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What Are Hydro Jetting Engines?

Hydro jetting machines consist of an engine that gets its power from diesel, gas, or an electrical hookup. At the end of the day, there are different types of hydro jetting equipment – most of which can use cold or hot water.  

Some systems are installed onto trucks for heavy-duty Arizona sewer cleaning. Other hydro-jetting equipment is put on trailers, which are then pulled by a truck or van. Unless you have a rare stationary model on site, mobile services are required.

Every hydro jetter on the planet has at least one water tank. However, the more advanced models usually have four water tanks to keep the unit balanced as it is being hauled to the location. Quality service providers rarely run out of water.

How Do Hydro Jet Engines Work? 

In order to ensure that the water’s energy is exceptionally effective at blasting away blockages, water is pressurized up to 35,000 PSI within the system. Unlike many other common types of drain cleaners (with limited extensions), hydro-jetting machines can be used on long drain pipes. But not every model comes equipped with long hose pipes.

The ability to clean deep sewage lines is one characteristic we didn’t overlook. With proper equipment, hydro jetting is effective on the most common types of obstructions. Besides clearing blasting away foreign debris, the water pressure and reach of hydro jetters can remove most contaminants (including grease and oil) from a pipe. 

Drain lines that have a history of getting clogged should be regularly hydro jetted. If you invest in routine maintenance for your home or business, this is worth looking into. Especially if you’re already paying for aesthetic pressure washing services.

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What is a Pulse Jetter System?

One common type of hydro jetting equipment uses a pulsejet engine. This operates similarly to the hydro-jet but uses pressure pulses to break up the blockages. Repeated detonations in the engine gives the pulse jetter high compression, resulting in efficient sewer cleaning.

What is a Video Camera Inspection?

Video camera technology in drain cleaning equipment provides technicians with a useful diagnostic tool to inspect pipes. Identifying the causes of recurring blockages helps our plumbers understand where to insert hydro jetting equipment.

The technology consists of a high-resolution video camera mounted on a flexible pole that one of our experts then inserts into the drain – allowing him/her to diagnose an issue without ever having to dig up the water lines. The technology can also be used to identify the location of pipe leaks and breaks. In these cases, a powerful stream of water isn’t ideal.

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Precaution is Important When Hydro Jetting Arizona Sewers.

For the most part, hydro jetting is a safe way to remove the blockages that cause your plumbing system to be hopelessly backed up. However, an inexperienced plumber can make the situation worse if hydro jets are used when there’s significant infiltration of roots into your sewer system. 

That’s why you need to always hire a plumber who has the expertise to visually inspect your lines with state-of-the-art video equipment. That way, they can ascertain the cause of your plumbing troubles before determining a remedy. 

In Phoenix, there aren’t many causes for damaged pipes. In fact, trees are often the culprit. So, if tree root penetration has compromised your pipe’s structural integrity, hydro jetting will only lead to further problems. Seeking the help of a professional in a situation like this could save you a lot of money.

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What Type of Protective Equipment is Required? 

If you’re hiring a company with hydro jetting equipment to clean your sewer lines, there are some ways to make sure they know what they’re doing. First and foremost, they should be able to explain their diagnosis before performing anything. In addition, they should be following safety guidelines for the job.

Whether you’re doing the hydro jetting yourself or you hire someone, protective equipment should not be an option. If the contractor is not taking precautions, then can you trust them with your pipes? Here’s what they should have on: 

  • A Safety helmet.
  • Goggles and a face shield.
  • PVC full protective overalls or a PVC jacket and PVC trousers.
  • Suitable gloves.
  • Safety footwear.
  • Deodorant and at least some aftershave.
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Professional Hydro Jetting is Available in the Phoenix Area.

If you’re noticing recurring clogs in your Arizona pipes, it might be time to consider a cleanout by hydro jetting equipment. In most cases, clogged drains are symptomatic of an even bigger problem – and the hard water in Phoenix doesn’t help. 

For over three decades now, our family owned business has made sure that every job is done right the first time. This is why we take price in hiring “all the right people.” A highly trained technician that’s equipped with the right knowledge and experience can diagnose your plumbing issue and educate you on the best course of action. 

Our reputation speaks for itself and we plan to continue offering the same outstanding customer service that has made us a premier plumbing and HVAC company in the Phoenix metro area. Quality sewer cleaning is only the tip of the iceberg.

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