Learn About the Benefits of a Whole Home Surge Protector for Your Arizona Home

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If you are like millions of others, you use a power strip or two around your home. Sometimes, you might accidentally hit the on/off switch and wonder if the power has gone out. What you can often know for certain is that, if the power did indeed go out, any surges prior to the loss of service did not harm the electronics plugged into that strip.

Why not? It is due to the fact that most such strips have built-in surge protection. This means that the power strip will kick off any power running through it if there are spikes in voltage. This limits or prevents excessive electrical current from flowing into the devices and, ultimately, harming or destroying them.

Surge protectors are often described as pressure relief valves because they eliminate potential threats from too much electricity. Surges can occur due to several factors, with lightning at the top of the list. And with monsoon season around the corner in this part of the world, it makes even more sense to consider the use of surge protection.

Of course, up to 80% of all surges are brought about by major appliances cycling on and off and causing a lack of balance in the system. This includes central air conditioning units and other larger household systems. Since few are plugged into surge protectors, though, they will shut down or cause a breaker in the power panel to switch off.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could skip the different power strips and other similar devices and just protect everything in the house? With a whole-home surge protector, it is possible.

What is a Whole Home Surge Protector?

As the name implies, a whole home surge protector is designed to protect appliances inside the home from those same damaging spikes of current. Installed or hardwired right to the electrical panel, they are professionally installed and will have to be properly grounded in order to do the job desired.

Does a whole home surge protector prevent damage from the same issues as a standard power strip with surge protection? Yes, and when installed professionally, you can count on it to:

  • Ensure that the most sensitive electronic devices in the home (including smart devices, LED bulbs, large appliances, TVs and computers as well as other delicate electronics) do not have damaged circuit boards due to surges
  • Eliminate the risks of “mini-bursts,” which are what happens when large appliances cycle on and off. This may not cause immediately obvious damage, but over only a short period may result in damages to the appliances that shorten their useful lifespans
  • Protect appliances and electrical systems from surges or over-voltage events due to power lines being down and voltage fluctuating wildly afterward
  • Damages caused by nearby lightning strikes


Are all homes good candidates for a whole home surge protector? In reality, all homes are candidates for a whole home surge protector. It is simply a matter of the grounding system used. In other words, any whole-home surge protector is only as good as the system used to ground it.

If you find yourself frequently replacing costly electronics, it may be time for you to consider a whole-home surge protection system. If you are in Arizona, remember that the monsoon season is already started. It is never too late to protect your home and belongings from the issues caused by downed lines and lightning strikes. Now is the perfect time to add another layer of defense to your costly electronics and appliances with surge protection from top to bottom!

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