We are taking precautions to protect our customers and employees against COVID-19

We are taking precautions to protect our customers and employees against COVID-19

How to Keep your HVAC System Clean as a Pet Owner.

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Now that the temperatures have cooled off in Phoenix, many of us suddenly have this urge to be more active. While some resume an outdoor regimen, others choose to open some windows and work on their house. If you’re a pet owner, you’re probably cleaning up after a long summer with your furry friends. But do you know how to keep your HVAC system clean like the rest of your home?

Why Should Pet Owners Clean HVAC Systems?

Have you ever thought about this before? Truth is, the particles and allergens that pets carry eventually end up circulating within your ventilation and ducts – not to mention the hair involved. The last thing anyone needs right now is bad air. If you turn on a furnace that isn’t clean, you’re immediately exposing your lungs to a number of pollutants.  

Aside from health related concerns, heating and cooling performance is hindered when there is excessive hair, dander (dead skin cells) and debri stuck inside. So if you don’t know how to keep your HVAC system clean, the lifespan of your equipment can also suffer.

Prioritize The Way You Clean This Fall.

We understand that summer can be hard on pets (especially big dogs), but your comfort is just as important as theirs. Sickness is uncomfortable. So is a broken down AC unit in July. It may seem like you need to spend more time lint rolling or vacuuming. You might want to reinstall a doggy door or prepare a backyard space for your pet first. 

You may even think your heating and cooling is fine. Either way, if you want to maintain a quality indoor climate, you’re going to want to keep your HVAC system clean. Any time a pet is around, there are certain steps that need to be taken to protect your investment and your overall well-being. 

Keep Your HVAC System Clean From Pets.

You may have gotten the pet hair off of your black shirt, but here are some simple ways you can make sure your HVAC is clean and filtering air properly. 

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1. Regularly Change Your HVAC Air Filters.

If your filters are working properly, they should be capturing a lot of what you don’t want floating around. At the same time, if you’re not changing them every 30-60 days (depending on the size of the household), they’re going to eventually restrict airflow. In turn, your cooling or heating system is forced to work harder.

Clogged or dirty filters will cause the cooling or heating cycle to run continuously because it’s never able to reach optimal temperature. This makes your electric bill a lot higher than it needs to be. So if you’ve been putting off a filter change, just realize it’s probably costing you more money.

Don't Let Dirty Filters Be The Reason For Bad Air.

No matter the reasoning, filthy filters make it impossible to keep your HVAC system clean – especially if they’re crumbling away. If you have multiple pets, you have to stay on top of this. Set reminders and even look into High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that are specifically designed for pet owners.

2. Schedule Annual Maintenance by HVAC Pros.

Not every heating and cooling company offers a full system cleaning, but many have quality maintenance programs. We call these comfort plans. When you subscribe to something like this, you’re basically receiving an annual diagnosis, cleaning, minor repairs and certain adjustments for a low monthly cost. 

So, if you don’t want to do much to keep your HVAC system clean, choose a plan with certified technicians and a lot of perks. Aside from cleaning up what your pet leaves behind, quality professionals will make sure your air conditioner and furnace is functioning well and not costing you money.

3. Clean Your Ducts and Air Vents.

Did you know that a collapsed air filter that’s full of dirt could create a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses in your ductwork? Well, it’s true. Sadly, pets increase the chances of clogs or buildup occurring. Even a well-groomed pet sheds hair that ends up inside of your air ducts. So you have to be prepared to keep your hvac system clean. 

Those of you that plan on doing this yourself need to make sure the power is off before doing anything. Doing so prevents potential breathing and obviously electrical hazards. While you can most certainly accomplish this feat on your own without disaster striking, we always recommend that you hire a certified professional.

Vents Aren’t As Much of a Concern in Arizona.

Many pet owners are already doing a great job of keeping vents free and clear of pet dander and debri. This is because most Phoenix homes have ceiling or wall ventilation. Nonetheless, pet fur and dust still accumulates in hard to reach areas. So unscrew those vents and use a shop vac and a wet rag to clean them out.

4. Clean Pets Help Keep Your HVAC Clean.

Since pet hair clogs ducts and covers the face of HVAC filters the fastest, keeping it under control is important. Even though you won’t be able to stop a pet from shedding, regularly grooming them minimizes the follicle count indoors. Whether you do this yourself outside or take them to a groomer, you’re doing yourself a favor.

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5. Regularly Sweep and Dust Your Home.

This may seem like a no brainer, but keeping floors, counters and ledges clear only helps air circulation and filtration. Many people only pay attention to the floor without realizing their sweeping efforts cause particles to land in higher places. Again, taking care of pet hair is the easiest way to keep your HVAC system clean. 

At the same time, you should also keep your vacuum clean – especially if you like to vigorously vacuum your pet’s favorite spots. A full bag can be extremely counterproductive to good air quality

6. Pet Boundaries Simplify Cleaning Efforts.

Speaking of the places your pet frequents, if you let them roam the house, you might want to consider the way it impacts your AC. Animals that don’t have a certain domain can easily create more cleaning responsibilities than you can manage. Although you may not mind, a strained air conditioner can be costly. When your pets are in on spot, there aren’t as many places   with fur and dander to clean.

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7. Take Advantage of Air Purifiers. 

Adding another purification feature is the last way you can keep your HVAC system clean as a pet owner. Air purifiers take a lot of the burden off of your air filters and do a lot better job at removing pet dander and other unwanted air particles. If you already struggle with allergies, air purification can make a big difference. 

Even portable units do a great job in isolated areas. Placing one next to your pet’s new designated area can really improve the quality of air you breathe. Air purifiers combined with IAQ solutions can drastically change your breathing environment overnight.

Clean Up Your HVAC Discomfort.

MSN just published an article on a Trane study where “three in four people admitted that getting a pet made them clean more than ever”. It went on to say, “people with pets spend 832 hours a year cleaning their homes or cleaning their pets.” No matter how you look at it, cleaning up after your fur babies is definitely necessary. Just make sure you know how to properly clean your HVAC system too. 

If you have any questions about new units or your heating and cooling performance, we’re only a phone call away. Canyon State Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing has over 32 years of experience throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area and values quality service. It’s why we aim to hire “all the right people”.  

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