How Preventive Maintenance for HVAC Improves Your Comfort in Phoenix.


Whether you’ve been living in the Valley of the Sun your entire life or you recently moved here, property ownership is a lot more difficult when you’re not in tune with the environment around you. Every year, we receive thousands of calls from residents with heating and AC problems that could have easily been avoided. Most Arizonans just don’t see how rewarding preventive maintenance for HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) can be.

A majority of home and business owners wait until repairs are imminent before taking action. While it might be easy to endure a Phoenix winter without heat for a few days, the summertime is a whole different story. Why risk going without air conditioning on a 120 degree day? Investing in preventative methods when it comes to heating and cooling will go a long way. But this isn’t just about your personal comfort levels.

Poor Maintenance is Costly in More Ways Than One.

When property owners don’t maintain their HVAC equipment, AC units tend to be over-worked during the annual heat wave. This drastically impacts the lifespan of the unit while hindering its performance. Straining air conditioners are not only annoyingly loud but they waste an awful lot of energy. Even though putting off heating and cooling repairs is keeping your money in your pocket, it will force you to spend a lot more down the road. Especially when your electric bill is 2x the amount it could be with quality maintenance.

Aside from fostering negative results and high utilities, underperforming HVAC systems can also take a toll on one’s psyche and initiative. When you’re physically uncomfortable, you don’t feel like doing anything. When it’s hot and muggy, discomfort is at the forefront of your mind. This makes is very difficult to be productive. Sweaty home or work environments coupled with low quality air can develop deviating mindsets. Waking up in discomfort then going to an agonizing workplace seems very uninspiring.

3 Reasons Why HVAC Prevention is Worthwhile.

Instead of setting yourself up for failure, why not eliminate one of the problems? As this article already points out, there is a lot to lose and even more to gain by investing in preventive maintenance for HVAC units and systems. Here are some more reasons why it’s worth your attention.

1. IAQ Improves with Maintenance.

Heating and cooling systems do more than just heat and cool the air inside your home or commercial building. They also help you improve indoor air quality by regulating humidity levels, circulating air throughout the property and trapping unwanted particles or pollutants in filters. A poorly maintained HVAC system can eventually cause you to sneeze, cough, or simply feel ill all the time.

A dirty air filter or faulty HVAC equipment can actually continue to circulate dust, allergens, and other particles in your house. Refusing to address warning signs or invest in adequate preventive maintenance for HVAC will reduce your indoor air quality over time. This will inevitably cause your air to be stale and unhealthy to breathe.

Dry heat during the summer isn’t the only thing that can cause discomfort and hurt your psyche. Sickness can have the same result. To keep your air fresh, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance that includes filter replacement and a thorough cleaning of your system’s components. One short visit could help you breathe easy rather quickly.

2. Maintain HVAC to Lower Noise Pollution

Faulty or dirty HVAC systems are also a common source of irritating noises. These disturbances tend to be described as thumping, humming, hissing, and even vibrating sounds. The usual culprits are indoor AC units and furnaces. Some noises can indicate serious problems, while others can be eliminated with regular servicing of your system.

Either way, letting the inconvenience continue can impact you in a number of ways. If you’re already uncomfortably hot and your energy bills are high, the last thing you’ll want are disturbing occurrences that heighten your irritability.

3. Energy Efficiency is the Main Perk.

In order to maintain comfort throughout the year, your HVAC system must run efficiently. One malfunction that costs you $30 per month eventually becomes a $360 annual expense. A little diligence will go a long way if you’re a Phoenix property owner. Age, dirty air, and strain on the unit can all reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Many Arizonans just don’t understand how complex and delicate air conditioning and heating systems are. Avoiding to replace a $3 filter could cost your thousands of dollars over time. From repair costs to annual energy outputs, it’s not worth it. Do yourself a favor and regularly inspect your systems so they perform at a high level for a long time. While we specialize in repair services and replacement systems, we’d rather see our customers comfortable and content with their heating and cooling situation.

Our furnace and air conditioner technicians can repair worn and broken components that may be contributing to low energy efficiency. We can also evaluate your energy use habits and suggest ways to further improve efficiency. Higher energy efficiency, of course, translates to lower utility bills.

We’ve Prevented HVAC Problems for 30+ Years!

There’s no need to feel distraught in your own home because of underperforming heating and cooling units. Our team of experts specializes in giving your HVAC system the care it needs and deserves. Even if you think you have everything under control, there are always opportunities to save even more. We’d love an opportunity to discuss some of these things with you while inspecting your current system and all of its components.

A few dollars towards a quality home service company can go a long way. To schedule preventive maintenance for HVAC, call Canyon State Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing at 623-584-2850.

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