A basic air filter is inexpensive, and it won’t restrict your HVAC system’s airflow as much as higher MERV-rated models. That way, you can save energy and keep many harmful contaminants away from your HVAC system. Changing your air filter at least every few months can extend your air conditioner’s life and help you avoid inconvenient, uncomfortable breakdowns. All HVAC filters have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value or MERV rating to help you decide if they offer enough protection for your Sun City West, Arizona, home.

MERV 1-4

These air filters can capture large particles like dust mites, textile fiber, sawdust, and pest droppings. They’re usually used on window units, and they can let many pollutants into your home. Window air conditioners are often unsightly, and they can let hot, unfiltered air in through gaps between the units and the walls.

MERV 5-8

The air filters for most central heating and air conditioning systems fall in this range. They can catch dust, insect parts, and pet dander in addition to larger particles. As long as you have your ductwork and the rest of your HVAC system maintained regularly, these types of air filters should help you and your family avoid asthma or allergy symptoms and bad smells from biological growth.

MERV 9-12

These air filters catch some bacteria, biologic spores, mites and reduce odors. They’re ideal for people who are sensitive to allergens or have breathing issues.

MERV 13-16

These are the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters and are generally used only for commercial purposes like in hospitals. They catch many bacteria and viruses, as well as the particulates in smoke. Most residential systems are not able to use HEPA filters in their HVAC systems.

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