Are Smart Thermostats a Good Energy Saving Investment for Phoenix Residents?

smart thermostat for phoenix homeowners looking for improved ac systems in arizona

If you own a business or home in Phoenix, then you’re more than likely aware of a few hacks that help keep your energy costs low. For the most part, we all look to find a balance between a comfortable environment and an acceptable electric bill. While many of us put a lot of effort into preparing for the summer months, some residents understand the value of a well-maintained HVAC system that performs at a high level all year round. These Arizonans typically have energy saving, smart thermostats installed in their home or commercial building.

As HVAC technology continues to evolve and progress, not only are there more energy-efficient heating and cooling systems available, but there are also new tools and accessories that can increase overall energy savings. One of the most effective tools in recent years has been the development of smart thermostats. Energy saving thermostats like these can be a bit more costly than traditional HVAC management devices, but their multitude of benefits easily make them a worthwhile investment.

Why Smart Thermostats Are Worth it.

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits and how they can impact the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems in Phoenix, Arizona.

1. How They Decrease Energy Expenses.

When you are away from home for the day or for extended periods of time, smart thermostats will adjust accordingly. When the technology is able to determine the home or commercial building isn’t being occupied, energy output levels decrease. Once you’ve had the energy saving thermostat installed for a while, it will begin tracking your desired comfort levels and even behavior patterns.

This allows the system to and make beneficial heating and cooling adjustments on its own. The best part is, you save money without doing anything at all. Most homeowners will save enough on their energy bills to pay off the initial investment in less than a year.

2. What Remote Access + Monitoring Brings.

One of the hidden benefits of smart thermostats is the simple fact property owners can control and monitor their heating and cooling system from anywhere. All they need is a smartphone or tablet to use the remote application. If you are away for longer than expected, you can easily change the settings with an internet connection.

Some even allow you to access your cell phone network for coverage. You also receive alerts that directly let you know if someone changes the programming at the control panel or if additional energy, that’s higher than normal, is being used.

3. More Useful Features Worth Noting.

Smart thermostats are designed to benefit you in a number of ways. Aside from convenience and a modern look and feel, smart thermostats allow home and business owners to feel at ease about their HVAC system. If something is wrong, they’re able to react quickly and avoid making matters worse by troubleshooting on their own.

Many models also provide you with reporting so you can see where your energy use is going and where you can improve efficiency. Some even come with additional alerts that come in handy, such as reminders to change air filters or schedule maintenance.

Canyon State Prioritizes Energy Efficiency.

Far too many Phoenix heating and cooling companies are focused on making money. At Canyon State AC, Heating and Plumbing, we want to help property owners experience an efficient system. It’s why our comfort specialists inspect every element of your system during maintenance appointments.

It’s also why we look for ways to educate our customers on better ways to care for their system – instead of waiting for it to break so we can repair it. We’re not interested in persuading you to upgrade your equipment or choose the priciest option. We simply want to you know you and your system is in good hands.

If you’re looking to make energy efficiency a bigger priority, then smart thermostats might be a good investment to make. Our HVAC technicians would be more than happy to go over some more of the benefits and features of our product line. You can give us a call at 623-584-2850 or stop by our showroom in Sun City West, Arizona. Our technicians are always available to help with any of your heating, ventilation or air conditioning needs.

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