6 Ways Commercial HVAC Maintenance Can Improve Your Bottom Line


Keeping your bottom line healthy in your Glendale, Arizona, business is crucial to ensuring profitability and making sure your business continues to move forward. What you may not realize is that having regular HVAC maintenance on your commercial system will not only keep your business humming no matter the weather but will also improve your bottom line. Check out some of the financial benefits you can expect with commercial HVAC maintenance.

It Improves Your Operations Efficiency

Heating and cooling your business is no small feat. Many companies spend thousands of dollars each month simply trying to maintain a comfortable temperature in the workplace. With regular HVAC maintenance, your technician will asses your system and address any needed repairs. They will also thoroughly clean the system and look for any problems with airflow. All of their services will help make sure that your system is operating as efficiently as possible. It can also stave off breakdowns that can interrupt production and cost you a significant amount of downtime.

It Improves Employee Productivity

You may have heard the old adage that a happy employee is a productive one. When your staff is uncomfortable or there is low morale, it can translate into less productivity and poor attitudes in the workplace. With HVAC maintenance you will increase your system’s running capability and lower the risk of breakdown. It will also improve airflow, which will help the warm and cool air get to where it needs to so your temperature can stay consistent and your employees will be comfortable.

It Reduces the Number of Employee Sick Days

When your HVAC system is thoroughly cleaned, it will reduce the build-up of dirt, debris, pollen, and other allergens that circulate through the air and out into the air supply of your building. Over time, the constant flow of these contaminants in your company’s air supply can lead to worsened asthma and allergy symptoms as well as respiratory concerns. This can lead to more employee illness and sick days, which can cost your company in terms of production.

It Promotes Customer Satisfaction

If your business is uncomfortable due to hot and cold spots, drafts, or poor indoor air quality, customers are likely to take notice and be dissatisfied with their experience. Having commercial HVAC maintenance can help promote a consistent temperature and more breathable air, ensuring that your customers will be satisfied with the comfort levels of your business and focus on what matters most — your products and services.

It Improves the Longevity of Your System

Replacing a commercial HVAC system can be a costly expense and one that you may not have accounted for in your budget. With HVAC maintenance, your technician will be able to identify any problems with parts or your components that may be in need of repair, before they cause damage to other parts of the system, leading to a potential breakdown and need for replacement.

Additionally, by keeping your system and all of its components clean and properly lubricated, it will prevent your system from having to work harder than it should. If your system is working harder than it should, it will cause the major components, such as the motor, to wear out sooner than it should. Regular HVAC maintenance will help your system extend its lifespan.

It Promotes a Safer Work Environment

Whether your business is in the restaurant industry, or perhaps a manufacturing facility, odds are there are chemicals in use. Through the use of these pollutants, VOCs can be released in the air where they can cause respiratory problems and other concerns. To help remove these pollutants, and lessen them in the air your employees breathe, it is important that you have good air flow and proper ventilation so that the stagnant air can be replaced with fresh air. Regular HVAC maintenance will address any airflow concerns and keep the air properly circulating and ventilating as it should.

Whether through low employee productivity or reduced operational efficiency, it is easy to see how a poorly maintained HVAC system can affect your bottom line and create an environment that is less safe and comfortable for both employees and customers. Contact Canyon State Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing at 623-201-5118 today to schedule your commercial HVAC maintenance.

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