5 Signs Your Water is Too Hard & You Need to Buy a Water Softener


When it comes to water filtration in Arizona, the residents here in Sun City West have some of the best water in the state. The community consists of a number of retirees that value high quality water. Because of this, they’ve been able to comply with health-based drinking water standards for 3 years in a row now. Unfortunately, a majority of Phoenix doesn’t have this luxury and some wonder if they should buy a water softener.

Due to high levels of calcium and/or magnesium in Arizona water systems, many residents are forced to deal with the nuisance of extremely hard water. When your water is too hard, clogged pipes and poorly functioning appliances are a lot more common. Since water travels a great distance to quench our thirst in Phoenix, a number of contaminants are prevalent in our water supply.

When Buying a Water Softener is Ideal

While hard water may not seem like a big deal, the damage it causes can be a lot more costly than you think. Aside from impacting the aesthetic appeal of your belongings and harming vegetation, the health effects should also concern you. If the hardness of your water is noticeable, then you probably already know something needs to be done. But it doesn’t mean you’ll eventually buy a water softener.

Many Arizonans simply try to minimize the effects of hard water by installing cheap filtration devices that attach to faucets or shower heads. But this doesn’t remove everything. Certain plumbing problems rarely dissolve because a majority of Arizonans don’t truly understand how to combat the hard water here. Any fix is better than nothing, right? Not necessarily.

If you’ve tried a number of things with minimal results, it’s probably time to buy a water softener. Although spending the money can be a drag, you can eliminate costs elsewhere and finally know what zestfully clean feels like. If you’re still unsure about the purchase, here are some common hard water problems that a water softener can effectively address.


1. Scale Buildup Everywhere.

Scale is the white residue left behind on pots, pans and the back wall of Arizona properties with sprinkler systems. When you’re consistently scrubbing scale off of your glassware or notice it piling up on your appliances, then you have an obvious hard water problem. Why not eliminate the cause altogether and free up some of your time?

At the end of the day, hard water will continue to leave mineral deposits on everything that comes in contact with hot water. Many people don’t realize it’s the cause of malfunctioning coffee pots, dishwashers and washing machines. We know you notice the buildup, so buy a water softener before it causes you problems inside of the property’s piping.

If you really want to address your hard water, think about installing an anti-scaling water treatment system.

2. Tired of Dry Skin & Hair?

When you bathe or shower with hard water, your skin can become dry because of the buildup of extra magnesium and calcium. This inhibits the nourishment of your skin, which causes dryness and irritation. Not only are you unable to look your best, but you’re not allowing cleaning products and lotions to do what they’re intended to do.

Since soap does not dissolve well in hard water, it’s difficult to lather soap and experience the sudsy-ness of bathing. This also leaves you with a residue on your skin. The same is true about shampoos and conditioners. Your hair can end up frizzy and tough.

This forces many Phoenix women to purchase additional products for their skin and hair. When you buy a water softener, you don’t have to make these purchases anymore. Besides saving money, you’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing look that drastically improves your confidence levels.

3. Faded Linens and Fabrics.

If you have hard water in your Arizona home, then you’ve probably noticed the effect it has had on your clothes, bedding, and other items that go through the wash. A good number of people that move to Phoenix for the first time immediately see the difference. Laundry is normally more faded and scratchy than usual.

The extra mineral buildup on these items continued to compile every time you wash your clothes. Similar to bathing, hard water doesn’t aid the cleaning agents in laundry detergents and fabric softeners. While you might think you need to re-wash items in order to remove stains, you’re simply creating a permanent effect that includes dullness or graying.

When you buy a water softener, your clothes retain their color and whites remain white longer. While detergents and cleaning products can impact the effectiveness of your wash, most of the dissatisfaction will stem from hard water.

4. Stains in Sinks and Tubs.

Aside from scum or scale, mineral residue is also left behind in your bathtubs, vanities, backsplashes and sinks. This inevitably leaves noticeable rings and stains that are unsightly and tough to remove. Since soap doesn’t work very effectively to remove these deposits, more abrasive cleaning products may be required.

5. Repeated Piping Problems.

Once hard water eventually causes minerals build up within your pipe systems (underground and behind the walls), it makes it more difficult for water and waste to pass through. The passages literally become more narrow and thin due to the abuse bad water brings. If you continue experiencing clogs or other problems with pipe flow, deciding to buy a water softener can save you a lot of heartache down the road.

Our Plumbing Specialists Know Water Softeners.

If you happen to run into any of the above warning signs, calling a professional plumber is always the best option. While a temporary fix may seem logical, a new water softener can be more valuable than you think. At Contact Canyon State Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we not only believe in top-of-the-line products, but we take pride in supplying quality service.

Learn more about our whole home water filtration systems and treatment services by giving us a call at 623-584-2850. You’re also more than welcome to stop by our showroom in Sun City West to say hello. Remember, we’re always here to help and never here to haggle.

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