5 Common Commercial HVAC Issues in Phoenix

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Commercial cooling and heating systems are complicated machines that are put to the test every Arizona summer. If something goes wrong, any property owner can find themselves caked in frustration quickly. There are a multitude of elements that need to remain in sync in order for the equipment to operate efficiently. The more complex the design, the more difficult maintenance becomes.

Multiple thermostats, an abundance of wiring and a widespread variety of installed heating and cooling devices are used to keep the entire habitat balanced and comfortable. Every building is different and its structure plays a big role in the delivery of air, repair processes and the way maintenance is managed. Because of this, certified and experienced HVAC technicians are often sought out when service is required.

Frequent Commercial HVAC Issues In AZ:

With that said, we thought it would be a good idea to spend time explaining some of the most common commercial HVAC issues that Phoenix property owners run into. Aside from helping you avoid past mistakes, we hope to gain your trust by adding value to your prevention techniques.

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So before calling your local commercial HVAC expert, try to understand what can go wrong in the immediate future. If you already take pride in monitoring your assets then you know that identifying warning signs early can save a lot of stress, time and money. Nonetheless, here are some common problems worth talking about.

1. Poor Efficiency by the HVAC Equipment.

Has your business or building recently noticed a spike in utility bills, mainly energy costs? If so, this is a pretty clear indication that your commercial HVAC system is malfunctioning in some form or fashion. Unless there is another operating system on-site that uses a lot of electricity, assuming this is the culprit is justifiable. Since time is more than likely of the essence, taking action is encouraged.

When a heating and cooling system has to work harder to keep up with ordinary demands, it automatically reflects in the cost. It can also wear down the equipment rapidly. Unless there have been significant temperature changes outside, you should be able to determine unusual spikes in energy costs. If this occurs and your HVAC is struggling to keep up then an immediate assessment should be a priority.

2. Buildings With Low Indoor Air Quality.

If you own a property that’s exuding odors, presenting breathing problems or an increasing number of guests or tenants are getting sick; then bad air quality could be a major factor. Whether the commercial building is comfortable or not, a malfunctioning or dirty HVAC system could be the culprit. 

Low air quality is one of the most common commercial HVAC issues because business operators and managers forget to check or even change the equipment’s filters. In Arizona, many become clogged full of pollen, dirt, dust, and other particles that fly around in the dry desert air. 

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When filters go unchanged while the system keeps running, filth is recycled through the environment. Scheduling routine commercial HVAC maintenance with a reliable heating and cooling company is one of the best ways to fix and avoid bad air quality. Professionals have no problem checking, cleaning, and replacing elements to eliminate health hazards while keeping energy costs low.

3. Unusual Noises Caused by the System.

For the most part, commercial HVAC equipment is massive. There really isn’t much comparison to residential models. The larger the system, the louder your problems can be. When you think about it, most homeowners find noises coming from their heating and cooling equipment downright unbearable. So imagine what loud commercial HVAC issues provide.

Banging, screeching, popping, or any other unusual noises coming from an installed heating and cooling device should be looked at very carefully. Especially if the property is a business or forward facing environment. It’s important to get these things checked out before issues worsen or operations are affected.

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4. HVAC Thermostat Failures or Malfunctions.

Managers and business owners that face any type of commercial HVAC issue should never assume the worst. Because it’s such a powerful system, heating and cooling repairs of this capacity cost a pretty penny. In some cases, even more commonly than one might think, the solution is a simple fix. 

For example, a thermostat malfunction could cause the system to function inappropriately or even sporadically. Believe it or not, replacing the batteries or even readjusting the temperature settings could be all you need to do. Even though batteries are supposed to be replaced at least once a year, it’s easy to forget. 

If the batteries are new, and there are still undetectable reasons why an HVAC system isn’t working correctly, there could still be an issue with the thermostat. Either way regular maintenance eliminates this sort of thing. Professional HVAC specialists know how to troubleshoot thermostat issues and when to look for a replacement.

5. Inadequate Air Flow Throughout the Building.

Before your heated or cooled air reaches its destination, it has to travel through a series and ducts and vents. Sometimes, commercial buildings need more hot air in one room than another to keep the temperature even. Because of this, dampers are used to help direct the air to the appropriate areas. 

When these are stuck, broken, or not working, the air balance gets out of whack. In turn, the heating and cooling equipment is forced to work harder and longer to cool the entire property grid. Greater costs and low comfort levels are the typical result. Any expert has the ability to examine the dampers and ductwork to identify problem areas and implement the necessary repairs or modifications.

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Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance.

Businesses that take the time to prevent operational risks and care for their assets normally have highly efficient heating and cooling systems. Those that don’t have a certified professional on staff or on site usually work with a reputable HVAC company for maintenance and repairs

Why wait for something to go wrong before seeking a solution? A trusted expert can know your system like the back of his/her hand. Even when you forget to call, reliable companies will reach out to schedule your routine HVAC assessment.

Investing a Little More Time in Prevention.

When you think about it, commercial building management teams have far more important things to do than deal with low air quality, noises, poor air flow, low efficiency and thermostat malfunctions.

At Canyon State Air Conditioning Heating and Plumbing, we take pride in catching these types of circumstances early on. The last thing we want is for any of these commercial HVAC issues to multiply or cause damage to the property. Setting aside time with one of our knowledgeable technicians will most certainly bode well with your bottom line.

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