4 Ways You’re Harming Your Water Heater

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Hot water is one of the conveniences that most of us in Sun City West, Arizona, often take for granted. Thanks to your water heater, you don’t have to think about how you’ll get a hot shower, but by neglecting your unit’s health, you may be harming it. Here are four ways you may be unknowingly harming your water heater.

Using High Water Pressure

As much as you like your high-pressure shower, high water pressure will damage your water heater and pipes. You can check the overflow pipes attached to the side of your water heater for leaks; if you find water there, your pressure is likely too high. You should also keep the water pressure on your heater under 80 psi.

Using a Poorly Sized Water Heater

When it comes to water heaters, size matters. Water heaters are built in a variety of sizes and are designed to satisfy the load of you, your family, and your appliances. If it’s too small for your demand, it will have difficulty meeting your needs, causing damage and even early breakdown. Ask your local plumber to assess the efficiency of your water heater’s size.

Allowing Sediment to Build Up

As your water is heated, minerals separate from the water and settle at the bottom of your tank. That sediment can build up over time and making it more difficult to heat your water. Excess strain over time will deteriorate your tank and cause it to overheat. If it’s making a popping sound, that’s likely indicative of sediment buildup. Call your plumber to flush the tank.

Neglecting Maintenance

All of these problems can be prevented and solved with the help of professional plumbing maintenance. Neglecting maintenance will only exacerbate problems of which you may not be aware. Schedule plumbing maintenance once a year to increase the efficiency and conduct necessary repairs.

Become aware of the ways you’re unknowingly harming your water heater and you’ll avoid the consequences that can cost you in cash and convenience. To have your water heater checked, call Canyon State Air Conditioning at 623-584-2850.

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