We are taking precautions to protect our customers and employees against COVID-19

We are taking precautions to protect our customers and employees against COVID-19

3 Tips for Improving HVAC Energy Efficiency in Your Home

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For some homeowners in Sun City West, Arizona, improving their energy efficiency is much like starting a new workout routine: they want the results, but the necessary habits can be difficult to get going. Increasing energy efficiency, though, is easier than many may realize. Start building the energy-efficient home you’ve always wanted with these three simple tips.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Since your HVAC system is a key determiner in your home’s energy efficiency, its care needs to be one of your top priorities, and there’s no better way to care for your unit than through professional HVAC maintenance. During a professional maintenance appointment, one of our expert technicians will inspect your unit, conduct any needed repairs, clean the unit, and, if necessary, calibrate your thermostat or top off your refrigerant. Schedule professional maintenance at least twice a year and you’ll see your energy efficiency climb.

Heat and Cool Responsibly

Professional maintenance will do wonders for your energy efficiency, but it’s no replacement for day-to-day, energy-efficient habits. How you use your HVAC system plays an important role in your energy efficiency. The further your thermostat setting is from the temperature outside, for instance, the harder your system will work to maintain your desired level of comfort, which will reduce energy efficiency. To heat and cool efficiently, keep your thermostat set a bit closer to the temperature outdoors.

Seal and Insulate

It’s difficult for your system to run efficiently when the air it warms and cools is slipping out of your living space through air leaks. Those leaks strain your unit, increase your utility costs, and reduce your system’s lifespan. Cut off air leaks by looking for light coming in or excess dust and dirt collecting around doors and windows. Seal the area around your door with weatherstripping and run fresh caulk around your windows. If you have unfinished areas of your home, insulate them well to prevent air from leaking out.

Employ these three energy-efficient tips and you’ll enjoy lower utility costs, a more comfortable living space, and a more reliable HVAC system. To improve your unit’s energy efficiency with professional maintenance, call Canyon State Air Conditioning at 623-201-5118.

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