How Anti-Scaling Water Treatment Benefits Property Owners in Phoenix.

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Despite the luxury of amazing weather, property owners living and working across Phoenix deal with a handful of issues that come with the desert lifestyle. Aside from the intense, dry heat during the summer, Arizonans are forced to endure extremely hard water. Unless you’re aware of the advantages, it can be difficult to see the value in an anti-scaling water treatment system. So, we thought we’d discuss a few instances where the installation of one would come in handy.

If you feel as though your water is damaging your skin or hair, then it probably is. Most people don’t quite understand how damaging certain water additives can be over time. While water softeners are always a smart investment, installing an anti-scaling water treatment system makes a big difference. Removing harsh chemicals from your water is no small task in Arizona and you can use all the help you can get.

How Anti-Scale Treatment Works

Unlike basic home water softeners, an anti-scale water treatment system doesn’t simply remove magnesium and calcium from your water. Instead, it focuses on managing the hardness of your water by using proprietary PTT media. In other words, the process methodically converts hard minerals from ion form to a smaller, crystalline form. While most equipment is pretty straight forward, there are electronic anti scale and rust water treatment systems available.

This salt-less anti-scale process essentially allows you to feel cleaner and more refreshed. It may even cause you to realize you won’t need to purchase some of the skin and hair products you’ve been using anymore.

3 Reasons For Anti-Scale Water Treatment

Since it might be difficult to know when you’re in dire need for further filtration at your Phoenix residence, here are three key signs that you should most definitely consider anti-scaling water treatment.

1. Your Soap Isn’t Cleaning.

In Arizona, our hard water has high levels of calcium, magnesium and sometimes iron. This makes it extremely difficult to lather soap and proceed with a deep clean. If you find yourself unable to work up some suds with your soap, then your water is more than likely excessively hard. If you’re clothing is becoming dingy or your towels are coarse after going through the washing machine, you definitely have reason for concern.

Many people don’t know that high chemical levels in water actually work against the cleaning agents in soaps and shampoos. An anti-scaling water treatment system maximizes your ability clean. The result will be whiter, brighter clothes, softer fabrics, and a satisfying shower to end the day.

2. Hot Water Leaves Scale.

When you heat water to boil pasta or make a cup of tea, you shouldn’t have to worry about water marks being left behind. When you spray off the patio or the back wall at your Arizona property, you shouldn’t have to deal with tacky white residue when the water evaporates from the sun.

Without quality filtration, hard water will eventually leave a white scale on your teapots and pans. This can be especially frustrating when you can’t seem to get glassware clean. Scale is common on glasses and dishes that go through the hot water cycle of your dishwasher. If you’re tired of buffing out these unsightly marks, an anti-scale water treatment system will help your kitchen sparkle.

3. Soap Scum Persists.

In addition to ineffective cleansing and left behind scale, hard water will leave soap scum in showers and tubs. If you’re adamant about keeping your bathroom clean then you’ll know that removing this type of residue is nearly  impossible. Not only does it become a tireless problem, but it decreases the aesthetic appeal of your property.

If you find yourself endlessly scrubbing soap scum because of low quality water, we’d like to encourage you to take a different approach. While improving your water supply can be intimidating, the lasting effect of anti-scale treatment is worthwhile. Making the commitment to soften your water will dissolve some of the effort required to keep your home or business squeaky clean.

Better Water = Less Despair.

There are also conditional benefits to installing an anti-scaling water treatment system. When you have high quality, you don’t have to invest in all of those fancy lotions and skin products anymore. Customers tell us all the time how much more refreshed they look and feel. They never knew the water was the problem all along.

Aside from the savings, many of our customers don’t realize what hair and skin products do to their drains. When skin and hair products are used frequently, they create an awful lot of slime inside of your drain systems. Not only does this decrease the lifespan of your plumbing system, but it can eventually create an overflow.

Quality Plumbing by Canyon State.

If you’re suffering from hard water full of calcium and magnesium, feel free to contact Canyon State Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing to learn more about our softeners and anti-scaling water treatment solutions. Whether you’re looking to improve your home or business, you can call us 24/7 at 623-584-2850.

Our technicians are certified, experienced and can help you pinpoint any plumbing problem you might have. Since we have a water purification specialist on staff, he’d be glad to char about your water situation in order to identify the best and most efficient solution for your property.

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