3 Most Common Springtime AC Issues for Phoenix Homeowners.

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As winter comes to an end in Phoenix, the temperatures are nearly perfect almost every day. While it can be tempting to pack your schedule with outdoor activities to maximize the weather, make sure you pencil in time to check on your air conditioner. The seasons change fast and before you know it, the heat wave will be upon us. 

Besides, testing your cooling system before you need it the most will help you avoid some of the most common springtime ac issues that homeowners face. Like a furnace that’s rarely used, a cooling system that’s turned on after months of dormancy can result in some unexpected problems.

Sometimes, major air conditioning repairs or even a replacement is imminent. When you think about it, this is the last thing you’ll want to face in 120 degree weather. The remainder of your household (or other tenants within your building) probably won’t want to deal with the discomfort either.

The Top 3 AC Issued Faced From March-June.

At the end of the day, “summerizing” your central air system during the springtime in Arizona is invaluable. Below, we’ll provide you with some tips to take care of these common AC problems and describe some of the instances you can look out for. 

By the time summer arrives, you’ll have an energy-efficient, comfortable place to unwind at the end of a long, hot day.

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1. Neglecting AC Maintenance in the Spring

No matter how you look at it, some of the most common springtime AC issues tend to be the result of neglect. Whether simple preventative measures aren’t being taken or professional maintenance isn’t being considered, wear and tear can rapidly take its toll. In order for systems to kick into high gear, annual service is almost essential. 

For the most part, Phoenix residents don’t even think about warming up their expensive systems after months of cooler weather. If anything, they dread turning the thing on. While it may not impact a brand new system as much, older units will require some babying every spring in order to remain in top performance.

How Can You Prevent Unnecessary Failures?

The best way to avoid common springtime AC issues due to neglect is to work with a trustworthy, certified professional. Like any other industry, having an expert clean up the system and tune up its parts is a reasonable investment. Knowing you can count on your equipment to work well throughout the summer is a good feeling. 

Unless you’ve experienced air conditioning problems during the summer before, it can be difficult to see the value in preventative maintenance. But, why wait for something bad to happen before you decide to take action? Oftentimes, a number of aspects of your life are impacted by a cooling outage. Especially if you have children in the home.

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What Does Proper AC Maintenance Look Like?

So what does a routine AC checkup look like? Well, at Canyon State, we’re one of the few companies that offer a complete HVAC inspection. Aside from general diagnostics, our technicians take the time to clean coils, replace filters, and ensure all parts are in good working condition – in terms of functionality. 

Any qualified expert will be more than able to determine if there is something on the verge of breaking or failing. Hiring one to avoid springtime AC issues is well worth $15-20 per month. By taking care of it early, the costs are usually lower while the inconvenience of a malfunction is eliminated.

2. Unnoticed, Small Hikes in Energy Costs.

The second springtime issue that Phoenix homeowners tend to face has to do with another form of neglect. This time, it has to do with assessing costs. Once you’ve been in a home for a few years, you should start to get a good feel for how much your electric bill will be every month. But sometimes, a minor increase is easy to overlook. 

When the temperatures first start to rise, we expect energy costs to follow. So if utilities are still somewhat low in the spring (in comparison to July and August), then it’s easy to assume the air conditioner is working just fine. But a closer look may tell a different story. Making sure there isn’t an issue, like we mentioned before, can save you a lot of headache in the long run.

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If your energy expense begins to skyrocket as the outside temperatures rise, it could be an indication that your air conditioner has dust buildup, blockages, or other AC problems that generally arrive in the Spring. When handled early, you’ll not only avoid unnecessary repairs but eliminate the strain on the system and extend its lifespan.

3. A Lack of Springtime AC Management.

While this may not be one of the issues you’re currently experiencing, improper management is a big problem that many don’t address. Oftentimes, homeowners do their best to cut costs, mitigate losses and avoid major expenses when they can – and rightfully so. But doing so tends to magnify the springtime AC issues they’re facing. 

Skipping over the much-needed AC repairs and maintenance demands in the spring are sure to end in malfunction or failure of the equipment in the near future. Waiting too long can cause the air conditioner to operate in ways that it’s not designed to, and parts will eventually wear out prematurely because they are working harder to keep up.

Knowing What to Do Saves Time and Money.

What this eventually does is it expedites your need for an entirely new cooling system. You can avoid facing the thousands of dollars worth of damages that come with a new air conditioning installation by handling your springtime AC issues at the beginning of the season on your own. You don’t want to be the biggest obstacle in the way, do you?

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Here are a few quick tips to follow in order to stay cool and comfortable while retaining some of that hard earned money in your pocket:

  1. Make sure nothing is blocking the AC unit or its components – furniture, TVs, lamps and other personal items have been know to get in the way.
  2. Take your time and clear drainage holes thoroughly.
  3. Change the air filters frequently to avoid backups and blockages.
  4. If necessary, have the ductwork checked and cleaned.
  5. Check windows and doors for gaps or failed sealing (common in Arizona) or other places where cooled air could leak – like the attic.
  6. Schedule a professional air conditioning maintenance service.
  7. Check older wiring or even have a newer thermostat installed.

Try to Enjoy Yourself This Summer.

Besides having a more comfortable place to rest, you’ll notice that making an effort towards a better AC system will help you save a lot of time and money. Like we mentioned before, the energy-efficiency that comes with a routine air conditioning service is invaluable. It’s a service that pays for itself. 

With that said, be sure to routinely check on your air conditioner throughout the summer too. Just because you had an efficient spring doesn’t mean new problems won’t arise. Taking care of a property is a lot of work, which is why we want you to know we’re always available to lend a hand.

As a family owned business, we care about your comfort and look forward to providing you with an invaluable service this spring.

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