3 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Plumbing in Phoenix, Arizona.


Plumbing is an element of the house that we often take for granted. When you think about it, not many people base their home purchase on mighty fine piping. But it’s definitely something that should be considered. Residential water leaks are difficult to detect because of the thirsty dry ground and the simple fact Arizona houses are built on concrete slabs. Since repairs can be costly, you’ll probably want to do the best you can to preserve your plumbing in Phoenix, Arizona.

Not only can plumbing problems alter your priorities, but they tend to create difficulty around your routine. Having to adjust can also cause inconveniences for those depending on your availability. Managing children can be especially challenging during a water leak, pipe blockage or water heater malfunction.

So we thought we share a few ways you can preserve your plumbing system so it remains in tip top shape for a little bit longer.

How to Care for Your Plumbing.

If you haven’t been focused on prolonging the life of your pipes and plumbing equipment, it’s okay. Plenty of Phoenix homeowners neglect routine maintenance because they don’t understand its advantages. Similar to HVAC systems, most repairs are preventable. Besides, one small drip can cost you hundreds of dollars per year.

Once you understand the effects of Arizona’s hard water and how proper maintenance eventually saves you money, the preservation of your plumbing will become a priority. While an annual inspection by a certified plumber is definitely worth it, here are 4 ways you can extend the life of your plumbing system on your own.

1. Care for Your Kitchen Plumbing.

When it comes to analyzing the use of kitchen plumbing equipment, the garbage disposal is the one that’s the most commonly misused. While it may be easy to blame the user themselves, most simply aren’t educated on proper use. This is why we take the time to explain the requirements of garbage disposals during repair calls.

Garbage disposals usually malfunction because people stuff too much food in the drain before turning it on. You must turn the disposal on beforehand and make sure water is running as you place items inside. After you’ve finished, let cold water run through the disposal for at least 15 seconds to ensure the main line is properly flushed.

The concern with most kitchen plumbing systems normally stems from the Garbage disposal. Food and debris that becomes stuck can eventually clog the drain or damage your pipes. Aside from objects breaking lines, bacteria and chemicals can eat away at your piping. Keeping this drain clean and maintained is important due to the number of issues that can arise.

2. Care for the Bathroom Plumbing.

Your shower is the first thing we think of when it comes to maintaining the plumbing systems in your bathrooms. The easiest way to prevent blockages and backups is to ensure the drain of your tubs and showers is protected by a screen. One that fits properly is highly recommended.

Doing so prevents hair from making its way into your pipes. Even if you’re lacking follicles, installing a screen will help you prevent other accidents from occurring. If you have young children, it’s only a matter of time before they test the waters and shove something in there. The last thing you want to do is pay for something you could have prevented.

Regarding toilet overflows, most people don’t know that flushable wipes can become a big plumbing problem. Along with feminine products, you should never flush these down the toilet if you want to preserve your plumbing in Phoenix. While these products claim to be flush-able, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Just throw them in the trash when you’re through.

Last but not least, do your best to avoid using chemical products to solve drain issues. Coupled with Arizona water, these often do more damage than good. Would you rather call a plumbing professional to completely eliminate the problem or continue to buy chemicals and eventually pay for a new installation?

3. Prolong the Life of Sump Pumps.

If you have a sump pump, you’ll want to clean the area around it before the Arizona winter sets in. While it may not get very cold in the desert, residue around the pump can create a number of problems. Getting this cleaned properly is important if it’s something you’re required to maintain.

For those of you that aren’t too motivated to do this yourself, a professional plumber can always take care of it for you. If you don’t know what you’re doing but would like to give it a try, we don’t mind giving you with some pointers. Our home service company has been headquartered in Sun City West, Arizona for more than 30 years and we take pride in helping the Phoenix community.

Canyon State Preservation Plumbers.

If you’re interested in hearing some additional tips to preserve your plumbing, one of our service technicians would love to help. You can contact Canyon State Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing by calling 623-201-5118 or stopping by our showroom in Sun City West. We provide a wide range of plumbing services and pride ourselves in quality workmanship.

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