Summertime in Sun City West, Arizona, is scorching, and plumbing problems can spell disaster for homeowners. Knowing the most common summer plumbing problems can help you spot them before they become major issues. Here are the top three most common summertime plumbing issues homeowners face.

Plumbing Backup

If you have kids, summertime means summer vacation. With more people in your home than normal, plumbing backups can and do happen. This unpleasant issue can lead to damage in your bathrooms if overflow water gets under tile or soaks into baseboards. It’s important to keep an eye on the plumbing in your home and discuss good bathroom habits with your kids, like not using too much toilet paper. If you do end up with a clog, having a plunger on hand can be a major help.

Damaged Sprinklers

Sprinklers do a lot more work during the summer for Arizona residents with a full grass lawn. All that extra use can lead to broken pipes, clogged sprinkler heads, and leaky hoses. Get your sprinkler system inspected to help discover these issues, which are all easier to fix while the issue is still small. Broken sprinkler systems can lead to massive water waste and can damage your lawn.

Invasive Roots

During the summer, plants often grow more than we realize, with roots reaching down deep to find cooler soil and water. This root growth can impact your plumbing, as roots can easily invade your plumbing systems and cause malfunctions and backups that can certainly ruin summer fun. Tree roots are the typical culprit since their roots tend to be stronger than other plants. Backups in your toilets, sinks, and baths are common signs of this issue.

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