Plumber using a wrench on a pipe underneath a sink

Why A Plumbing Overflow Can Continue To Occur

A number of things can make life miserable for property owners in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the worst things residents experience is a broken down air conditioner in the middle of the summer. While AC problems might be a more common occurrence, some will tell you there’s nothing worse than a plumbing overflow. When it comes to heating and cooling repairs, the issue is normally easy to locate and fix. But plumbing blockages can be tough to decipher if you’re lacking experience.

Aside from the inconvenience and the associated costs, a plumbing overflow can repeatedly threaten to cause water damage your home or business. The source of the problem could range from main drain line damage to an buildup that’s causing a blockage. If a pipe is broken, then your water pressures suffers. Anything that’s hindering the flow of water can essentially cause a backup. Outdated pipes that have begun to decay can even be the root of the problem.

Quality Plumbers Stop Overflows

For the most part, hiring a cheap plumber isn’t going to work in your favor if you want to locate and accurately address some of the issues listed above. A good amount of home service companies in Phoenix are okay with performing the bare minimum. Some don’t even have the capabilities to fix the real problem. Others simply know they’ll be able to charge you again when they return for a second or third repair. Either way, a certified, quality plumber will thoroughly inspect any plumbing overflow and go the extra mile to prevent it from happening again.

At Canyon State, every blockage we find is viewed as a potential cause. We don’t claim to have fixed the problem until the entire plumbing system has been checked and cleared. Keep this in mind if you’re ever comparing plumbing companies. A lower price typically means the rendered services are minimal. If you want to completely stop your plumbing from overflowing then it’s important that you consider quality. While some handymen may be able to get the job done, do your best to ask the right questions and ensure you’re investing in a competent solution.

Common Causes of Plumbing Overflows in Phoenix

After being in business for more than 30 years, it’s safe to say we’ve found nearly everything lodged in people’s drains. While a majority of plumbing overflows are easy to fix, some instances can create repeat occurrences. If you take these three plumbing problems seriously, you’ll most certainly avoid worst-case scenarios.

1. Your Pipes Are Decaying

When it comes to assessing your entire plumbing system, sewer lines are the most likely to decay as they age, especially when they’re installed improperly. Ground heave (which is common in Arizona because homes are built on concrete slabs) could eventually create holes in piping as well. Anytime pipes break or become misaligned, a blockage of some sort will occur as dirt and roots enter the formerly enclosed waterway.

When trees, rocks and mud close off the drain, it will quickly lead to water overflowing through your home’s shower drains or even the floor. When it’s your sewer line, it can leave you quite the mess to clean up. While water damage costly, the addition of human waste will make repairs downright expensive.

2. Your Pipes Have Too Much Slime

Most home and business owners rarely consider the affects of toiletries going down the drain. When body soaps, gels, toothpaste, and lotions make their way through your piping, a slime film eventually builds up inside. When you’re unaware of this, the water flow can diminish over time. Similar to clogged arteries, the more buildup that occurs, the harder it is for anything to make it’s way through.

While there are drain cleaners and other products and services that reduce slime, a proper installation with quality piping usually limits the problem. Coupled with routine maintenance, you can almost guarantee you never experience a plumbing overflow due to slime.

3. A Foreign Object is Stuck in the Drain

When most plumbers are called to repair a plumbing overflow, they usually find foreign objects stuck in the piping. Households occupied by young Phoenix families experience this the most. We’re never surprised to find a sock, toothbrush or Barbie doll lodged in a drain. Even flushable wipes aren’t exactly as flushable the manufacturer would like you to believe as we’ve found them to be a frequent cause for backups.

As these objects make their way through the drain hole and piping, they easily become stuck where the pipe turns. We typically find them at a ninety degree angle where the pipe begins to travel parallel with the ground. In most case, multiple object works together to form the overflow. Something as small as a toothbrush can become lodged and continue to block flushable wipes from passing through. Eventually the water starts making its way back into the property.

We Specialize in Fixing Plumbing Overflows

We understand why most Phoenix residents prefer to try out a drain cleaner before they call a plumber – but just know it could be a costly decision. If pipes are broken, ground heave can easily cause those chemicals to surface. Plumbing snakes can also benefit you. But without the proper equipment to repair the problem, they might not do you any good. Hiring a professional plumber can be intimidating but it’s going to be the fastest way for you to identify the cause.

When we arrive to inspect an overflow, we keep all options open. While some of the tactics we use are things you can do on your own, we take precautionary measures that put safety first. A camera makes it easy to see where the problem is stemming from when the plumbing snake doesn’t fix the overflow. Since 1989, we’ve taken pride in providing the Phoenix community with quality plumbing installation and repair services.

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