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What’s The Ideal Water Heater Temperature For Arizonans?

When it comes to maintaining home systems, there are plenty of things that Phoenix homeowners can do on their own. The easiest thing they can do is follow the instructions on equipment manuals and do everything they can to promote safety. While this may seem like common sense, many property owners fail to maintain a safe and efficient environment because they aren’t properly informed. This is especially when discussing ideal water heater temperature settings.

Temperatures that are too high or too low can impact more than you think. Helping our communities understand their water systems is an important element of our plumbing services. Not only do we want residents to feel comfortable in the environments they frequent, but know how to prevent and discover plumbing problems on their own.

Water leaks and other issues tend to go unnoticed in Arizona, costing home and business owners quite a bit of money over time. What if we were to tell you that you could avoid plumbing repairs by paying attention to the details? With that being said, let’s talk a little bit more about hot water tanks and how certain adjustments can save you a lot of money.

Know Your Hot Water Tank Temp Settings

Water heaters are tanks that are usually located in a basement or garage. Inside of these complex units, water is heated by either electricity or gas for use in the home. There are two types of water heating systems and both work in similar ways. A gas water heater uses a burner with a flame and an electric water heater has electrical elements and coils to heat water inside the tank.

In general, you’re going to want to make sure that the water heater temperature settings on your thermostat are set between 120 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to understand why these temperature settings are important, let’s talk a little bit about how this range can promote optimum energy efficiency for your water heater.

When to Set a Lower Water Heater Temperature

The U.S. Department of Energy notes that while some water heater manufacturers set thermostats to 140 degrees, most households generally need a setting of only 120 degrees. Not only does this temperature setting reduce the amount of mineral accumulations and corrosion in the water heater and pipes, but it also helps to prevent accidental scalding for households with small children.

Additionally, as the U.S. Department of Energy notes, a water heater set at 140 degrees can waste between $31 and $61 annually in standby heat losses. It can also spend greater than $400 in heat demand losses. That’s an awful lot of money wasted in one year. While other plumbers might tell you that you need a new water heater to improve energy output, turning the temperature down might solve your issue.

When to Set a High Water Heater Temp Setting

For people with suppressed immune systems or respiratory diseases, a water heater temperature setting that’s higher than 120 degrees can be extremely beneficial. When the temperature is set above 122 degrees, the growth of certain strains of bacteria can be eliminated. In some cases, these growths are responsible for Legionnaires’ disease and other illnesses.

When the temperature is too low, you not only risk wasted energy but the well-being of your family as well. Aside from your home’s pipes, these bacteria can be found in soil and in sources where water is present; such as air conditioning ducts, additional water storage tanks and natural bodies of water.

While 120 degrees is an optimal temperature setting for energy savings and accidental scalding prevention, homeowners should always consider their specific requirements of their equipment to determine their ideal water heater temperature settings. If you’re having problems with your water heater, we’d be more than happy to troubleshoot the problem for you. We’ve repaired and installed nearly every kind of water heater and take pride in offering our services with integrity in mind.

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