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Save More Monthly With A Hybrid Water Heater

You’ve heard of hybrid cars and hybrid corn, but hybrid water heaters? If you’re asking yourself what on Earth could be made hybrid about a water heater, we’ll let you in on the secret—it’s the heat source! Hybrid water heaters—which you might also know as a heat pump water heater—are an energy-efficient approach to home water heating. If you’re currently living in a hot climate, you could save big on a new water heater by switching to a hybrid. If this is all Greek to you, don’t worry, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this economical home appliance.

How A Hybrid Water Heater Heats Your Water

You’re probably wondering how a hybrid water heater heats water differently from a standard heater. Inside a heat pump, or hybrid, water heater, there’s an evaporator coil that stores refrigerant. The refrigerant helps pull warm outside air into the heater that the appliance then uses to heat the water inside the tank. A heat exchanger warms the water to your desired temperature, and then it passes from the tank and into your faucets, laundry machine, shower, or other home appliance.

If you’re familiar with how a refrigerator works, it’s kind of like that, only in the opposite direction. Rather than pushing out warm air, like a refrigerator, a heat pump water heater pumps in hot air to make the inside contents warmer.

This is more efficient than using gas or electricity to heat your water, as the warming component is naturally existing in the environment. But it’s not the only cost saving perk of the system. Hybrid hot water heater don’t have to run all the time. Even in heavy-usage periods, like shower time in the morning, the hybrid tank is able to hold a satisfactory amount of hot water for everyone in the family. 

Should I Switch to a Hybrid Water Heater?

Whether or not you should switch to a hybrid water heater depends a lot on your house. For some families, they’re a great idea! They’re efficient and eco-friendly. However, for others—particularly those with small homes—they might not work out as well. This is because heat pump water heaters are a little bulkier than your standard tankless water heater.

Also, keep in mind that hybrid water heaters work best in warmer climates. If your home enjoys the year round warmth of Arizona and the Southwest, you could be a perfect candidate for a new water heater.

The last thing you should consider is that hybrid water heaters run on electricity. If your house is set up for gas appliances, a heat pump water heater will likely not be compatible with your home system. It’s possible to retrofit your home, but the cost could be substantial.

How to Learn More About Hybrid Water Heaters

If you are unhappy with how high your water heating bill is, and you are looking for a greener, more economical option, it might be time to switch to a new water heater. If you’ve got the right amount of space and have a home set up for electrical appliances, we cannot recommend enough that you make the switch to a heat pump water heater. You’ll save on your monthly water heating bill and contribute far less pollution to the environment.

For more information or to get set up with your very own heat pump water heater, give us a call today. We are your go-to home water heating specialists, and we’re ready and standing by to answer all of your questions. You can schedule a consultation, make an appointment, or just shoot your general concerns our way. Let us know how we can help, and we’ll get you sorted out today!