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Spring Weather is here today…
…And Summer Weather is almost here to stay!!


water-problemSpringtime in the Valley doesn’t last long and soaring temperatures are just around the bend.

With the switching of thermostats from “heat” to “cool” come the panicked calls from customers worried about waterlogged ceilings and soggy floors. Often the culprit behind water damage at this point in the season is condensation collecting behind plaster and under carpeting and subflooring.

Protect your home from condensation overflow with an Overflow Protector Sensor!


How does an Overflow Protector Sensor work?

aquaguardThe unit is directly connected into the 24V side of the AC system. When the sensor detects unsafe levels of condensation:

  • The Overflow Protector locks out the AC
  • A Warning light or alarm is triggered,
  • The Customer is alerted to call CSAC  for service.

The Overflow Protector Sensor is a simple, damage-prevention unit, designed to alert you before a simple fix becomes a complicated disaster in your home.


Call Canyon State AC to learn more about Overflow Sensors!