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Repair or Replace? No Problem!


During a service or emergency call, sometimes a simple flushing, a water pressure valve, or replacement anode is all your unit might need to work smoothly and efficiently again. Our plumbers are trained to solve both the obvious and the challenging issues. When repairing a water heater isn’t the best option, we’ll make recommendations on the best replacement for your needs.

If a replacement is needed, Canyon State is prepared to match the best gas, electric, or tankless unit for your plumbing system’s needs. Your household size and typical use patterns are important factors we analyze and discuss with you when making recommendations for replacement — installing the right size and type of water heater can make all the difference in your home.

At Canyon State Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, your comfort is our goal. Your unit works hard to keep up with your busy life — we’re here to help it keep you happy. Call us today to schedule your water heater inspection.

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Is a Tankless Water Heating Unit Right for Me?

If efficiency matters and you value flexibility over tradition, tankless water heater options are a solid option.

• Heat water when it’s needed
• No standby energy loss
• Up to 30% less energy consumption, depending on household usage
• Compact units require minimal space for installation
• Can install in previously wasted space like attics or crawl spaces
• Continuous hot water — no need to prioritize water-using tasks
• Tankless units are long lasting(20+ years)
• Lower operating & energy costs offset initial costs over time