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We all know the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and have accepted the need for diagnostic services in many areas of life — vehicles require routine maintenance like tire rotation and checking the oil level, and bodies need routine physicals to detect potential life-threatening issues. Many people don’t realize that HVAC comfort systems are no exception. Back in the day, a quick coil cleaning and an adjustment to the mercury switch in a mechanical thermostat would likely keep an air conditioner running, even if not well. Today’s comfort systems are more sophisticated, more efficient, and, like automobiles, have become more complex systems that utilize computers and sensors to control every function. Many homeowners have already switched to programmable thermostats for more accurate temperature sensing and adjustments, as well as to fine tune usage of the time-of-use advantage plans offered by the power companies.

canyon1bA portion of diagnostic time used to be figured into repairs, rebuilding moving parts like motors, and even replacement. Today’s HVAC models and thermostats are more complex and more reliable than ever — for most units, the majority of time spent on a call is for diagnosing, with actual repairs taking a minimal amount time.  Ultimately, however a service provider bills, customers do have to pay for diagnostic services at some point. It can be frustrating to spend money if a technician doesn’t actually fix something during a service call.

In the long run, the diagnostics services included in our Comfort Plan save you money. Preventive maintenance and minor repairs cost far less than refurbishing parts and running a failing system for “just one more summer.” The Comfort Plan is a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan that keeps your system in prime working order, identifies small problems before they become larger and more expensive issues, prolongs equipment life, improves operation quality, and keeps repair costs lower than just winging it.


  • Monthly Auto-Renew “Peace of Mind”
  • Price Guarantee – Never a Price Increase
  • Cancel at Anytime
  • Appointment Reminder – Never Worry About When Service is Needed
  • Lower Monthly Utility Bills
  • Fewer Inconvenient and Expensive Service Calls
  • Longer Equipment Life
  • Never an Overtime Charge
  • 15% Discount on Any Service Calls
  • Priority Customer Status
  • Be Kept Informed of New Products and Services
  • Compliance with Extended Warranty Program

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